Nakamura’s Knockouts: Epic Blitz Chess Session vs. World Junior Champion

Hikaru Nakamura settles in for a long blitz chess session against reigning world junior champion, Parham Maghsoodloo! Don’t miss the duel between these two great chess talents!

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  1. Are these old and just uploaded now? Or are they all new? Original recording date would be great, thanks!

  2. 🙂😂😁😀😎🤗🤔😐😆😅😍😘

  3. I hear a weird noise everytime Naka is talking

  4. Are you gonna upload the matches against jonas or not? was fun^^

  5. This guy is a genius…thanks for Playing for the fans

  6. I just love listening to his train of thought. I like when he says "So" to transition to his next thought, which is every .4 milliseconds. Phenomenal mind on this one.

  7. The intro with music. The ego on this guy lol. Not saying its inflated but.

  8. Thanks for playing without sounds. All the streamers have piece sound off, its much better!

  9. Man are people whinny….. or just trollls. Sound was fine from the beginning.

  10. "i am the father of online flagging" caugh penguin caugh

  11. haha i played in hungary first saturday too!

  12. I refuse to stream fortnite . Dota perhaps ? This man is an absolute legend

  13. Chess genius but his music taste sucks!

  14. people in bulgaria put ketchup on pizza. it's a thing. I don't like ketchup in general so I am not gonna advocate for that.

  15. If you have Alexa at home skip this moment 15:00 or else Nakamura is gonna turned on your device like he is doing to millions of devices every stream.

  16. What a wasteman Parhamov in that first game by flagging Naka in a drawn position, and he's a grandmaster. Just unfair play from him really no need for it

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