Nakamura’s Knockouts: Epic Blitz Chess Session vs. World Junior Champion

Hikaru Nakamura settles in for a long blitz chess session against reigning world junior champion, Parham Maghsoodloo! Don’t miss the duel between these two great chess talents!

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  1. I like that mtfvkr : D peace from germany

  2. this back and forth with the second screen is irritating, isn't it?

  3. So annoying only hear “sound sound sound audio audio audio”

  4. I like watching these but the aggressive double clicking is unbearable

  5. The sound (atleast in the beginning) is trash…

  6. Naka, you just made my Alexa play classic rock!

  7. Another reason that Trump won is that he was running against Hillary. She is terrible.

  8. Hikaru, привет из России! Стань Чемпионом мира! Ты можешь!

  9. What do you put on pizza? Well, if it's proper pizza properly made, nothing at all.

  10. did not know, how cool and funny Nakamura is. Now im Fan.
    I like the "goodnight" 👊😁 i learn a lot watching this Video, moves and strategy!

  11. You should lower that gate a bit to make the music work. Thanks for great games!

  12. Montreal… With all those Quebecois, not my favorite place. Is there other groups of people you don't like either ? That’s definitely an odd comment. I cannot imagine saying. Japan.. With all those Japanese… Seriously ? Not liking the food, the weather. OK. But those Quebecois ? How many do you know ? Anyway… I had to comment on this. And Ketchup on pizza ? Never heard of it. Where you guys have been ? Gee… At least you did not say Maple Syrup on poutine.

  13. I have this video up on YouTube while simultaneously watching Hikaru vs. Eric Hansen on For me, it's all Hikaru all the time.

  14. thank you Hikaru for sharing with us your games

  15. Italian food is not bland. Spaghetti and meatballs is the best. Check out Tony Danza's meatball recipe.

  16. Why don't you do a session with Magnus?

  17. Türkler burda mısınız? CcC

    – Korkusundan Çin seddi yaptırılan (Mete)

    – Avrupa'ya aman dileten (Attila)

    – 50 binle 200 bin kişilik orduyu yok eden (Alparslan)

    – 2 bin kişi ile 500 bin haçlı ordusunu Hatay'a kadar kovalayan (Kılıçarslan)

    – 40 çeriyle binlerce kişilik Çin'e karşı duran (Kürşad)

    – Gemileri karadan yürütüp çağ kapatıp çağ açan (Fatih)

    – Herkesin 'Bitti, gitti' dediği zamanda topraklarını düşmanlardan kurtaran (Atatürk)

  18. 10:30 That's why, when you decide against a move, you don't place the piece back on its "original" square: instead you should move it off the board, so the computer puts it back on the right square for you!

  19. 19:20 The early queen sortie is back!

    Remember when Naka was playing that years ago? Someone wrote a funny haiku about it in New In Chess .

  20. "Eric eats ketchup with pizza? Time to adopt him". Naka, 2019.

  21. Who cares about the double clicking? Just enjoy the stream. Thank you for the content Naka!🤙🏽

  22. Haha when Naka told Alexa to play classic rock, MY Alexa picked up on it.

  23. Lost all respect for Hikaru. 1:081:09 Putting ketchup on pizza is something you would expect Americans to do. Oh, but not Canadians, they are smarter. Liberals like you make me wanna put you all on a ship and send you the Fk outta here.

  24. It all brings me back to that AMERICAN kid who punched you in the face when you was younger and you started crying.

  25. Are these discussions about "sound" annoying or what?

  26. I respect hikaru for chess playing and vast common knowledge…but food and especialy pizza making is not his thing…i still hoped he was trolling with that "no ketchup pizza" nonsense

  27. hikaru before pretending to be a happy leftist inbred

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