Nakamura’s Knockouts: Elite Blitz Chess Battles

Hikaru Nakamura plays a four-hour blitz chess marathon against some of the best players on including young GM Alireza Firouzja, GM Daniel Naroditsky, and some anonymous but highly rated grandmasters!

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  1. Накамура охуенен, но, после Магнуса)

  2. "Just gonna go for a draw here… let's see…" (Wins 80% of draws)

  3. I don't get Hikaru's openings in blitz: with white he just plays b3 and start trading pieces, and with black either a boring Berlin, or some hippo looking structure. Why doesn't he play Sicilian? And e4 with white?

  4. why he dont participate in lichess title arena even mnay strong GM from different part of the world participate in it even the world chess champion carlsen may be he is afraid of not winning the tournament is anyone know why he dont participate in it its a strong tournament i want to see him in title arena

  5. is anyone know why hikaru dont participate in lichess title arena

  6. сыграйте дебют Эльшада )

  7. Eric (chessbrah) Hansen got surprised by this person in a recent upload, but – Naka annihilated them…I wonder who it really is…this – "NowayJosey character?

  8. I've been waiting for Nakamura's Knockouts


    I AM GONNA SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. 1:54:20 poor defence by Naka in this game, which was winning for him. Black's sacs were a tad unsound.

  11. Maybe 'talk to the hand' because I don't do requests — from the original Terminator.

  12. Ah, so he doesn't wanna trade? Well then, I'm gonna force you, "Tough luck". You are so savage lol. Chess god

  13. Can you please play some rapid chess, like at least a couple

  14. "OH HE'S GOT ROOK D4!! AAAHH SH*T!!!!!"😂😂😂😂😂

  15. There's lots to be sad about in the modern world, but at least we can watch the top chess players in the world stream.

  16. Firouzja came up with a really nice sequence at 1:47:58. Quite creative and visually appealing.

  17. That sac after sac by Alireza was pure filth.

  18. Playing on but still thinking about the moves in previous game lol

  19. Hikaru: I wouldn't hang out with Firouzja..
    Firouzja: Hikaru is my sparring lol…

  20. I’m here two years later to witness Alireza’s immortal

  21. 3:35:00 if anyone ever sees this, could u explain why Bxc5 for white wasnt good? It looks like just a free pawn to me

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