Nakamura’s Knockouts: Blitz Chess Vs Eric Hansen And Andrew Tang

In his second stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura takes his blitz chess up a notch, playing blitz specialists IM Andrew Tang, GM Eric Hansen, and more to a strong of matches. Follow along as Hikaru shares his thoughts on this tense battles!

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  1. I'm just going to the bathroom after this game in "losing position" hahaha

  2. Is he trying to win this?…It seems rather unlikely he is going to win this…hahahahah

  3. Can we have naka knockouts like everyday?

  4. "A computer would win this with its eyes closed…wait Eric, what are you doing?!"

  5. I will like this video
    Im in I dont have to do it but I think this is a good move
    Ill do it anyway

  6. Loved it except for the whole playing 100 moves in a drawn position with wrong colored bishop for no reason.

  7. and I'll just move here and I'll take the rook and checkmate in 17

  8. what did nakamura said after drawing that long bishop pawn game?

  9. Each time he says ' i dont really wanna' or ' i could take ' it always ended up with ' but i'll do it anyways' Guess its a Naka strat!

  10. At 2hours and 27 minutes Naka plays like how the rookies play online and i want to break the laptop i mean he is a top class player and he is trying to flag the guy with like a minute on the clock in a dead draw position? wow lost some respect for him right there….

  11. 44:52 "Then I'll just check, then I'll just pick up all his rooks."

  12. Naka need to get a better connection/computer every time ive seen him stream he's lagging like mad and playing bullet with lagg is never a good time.

  13. too much lag on Naka's end — hard to watch

  14. Thanks SUPER GM NAKAMURA my nickname is NAKAGARRO LOOL xD

  15. This would be much more beneficial if these were 5 minute games instead of the 3 minutes Naka seems to prefer — not much opportunity to learn from this at the pace he's playing.

  16. I was rather enjoying this video when suddenly a man popped up and poured milk over his head. Save yourself from comisery at, the advert said. I am sorry but can't these advertising companies do better? Nobody wants to have their video interrupted by a man pouring milk on his head!

  17. 2hrs 27 Naka shows why he is such a class act 🙂

  18. TLDW: "I can take, don't have to tho,… but I'll take anyway"

  19. Bishop and wrong corner pawn is a draw. Seems like this guy doesn't understand basic endgame.

  20. Watch Nakamura vs ChessExplained. Sore loser..sorry

  21. This is the second video of Naka's from that I've tried to watch and can't because of that lag. Yet another reason I play on Lichess.

  22. Naka? You know penguin streams on twitch? He most certainly doesn't watch your stream while he is playing AND talking to chat.

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