Nakamura’s Knockouts: Blitz Chess Vs Eric Hansen And Andrew Tang

In his second stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura takes his blitz chess up a notch, playing blitz specialists IM Andrew Tang, GM Eric Hansen, and more to a strong of matches. Follow along as Hikaru shares his thoughts on this tense battles!

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  1. "Ill just check, and Ill pick up all his rooks." lol

  2. 2:40:00 "One thing a dont like is playing these top guys" …. after a while plays 550 and is confused, if it is normal chess 😀 😀 haha, laughed so much 😀

  3. No offense, but he seems super unhappy to be doing this.

  4. It's a shame the corrections to the lag from last time still don't allow him to stream bullet.

  5. Naka really needs to take a draw when it's a draw and stop acting all high and mighty.

  6. One of the top players in chess and he just sounds like he's explaining how to rake leaves.

  7. Naka's streaming is so much better than the other guys. Naka doesn't throw tantrums, or chairs, or swears and doesn't take this online blitz play too seriously. He is a true sportsman and ambassador for chess. The other guy could learn much more than chess from Naka.

  8. I play chess on my iPhone 7s plus and I realize it's easier than an iPad that's big or even medium size because it's easier to see all moves. It makes a good chess player better.

  9. Not all grandmasters are alike. There's normal grandmasters who are just gms and then there's nakamura who is 5 steps above them. One step above him is carlsen. One step above carlsen when in a serious mode is kasparov. 2 steps above casparov is Fischer who is more consistent than any gms ever except for mikhal tal!!! Which is one step above even Fischer. He was a mad scientist in the game of chess. He was the best player of the 1900s and even now there's not a single player that can give him challenges. Karpov,kasparov, and Fischer lost against him. Mikhail tal. Unoticeable in chess but undoubtedly the best ever. An honorable mention id like to point out if metojelic. If he wasn't a chess coach he would have became one of the best chess player ever with skills that even Spassky is afraid of.

  10. is white. Lichess is black. Let's wait.

  11. Накамура конкретный Шахматный Супер Спец Молодец Оценка Пять с Плюсом

  12. "a computer would win ths with eyes closed." love it

  13. What was he saying was so ridiculous and insane at 2:30:55? Had his opponent only played 122 games and won 114 of them?

  14. Will he be streaming anytime soon? I'd so love to catch a stream live

  15. what's that flag next to his name? chile? taiwan? or the us? at 7:59 he's playing against a clearly usa flag and it's not the same as his

  16. Just a suggestion. Turn off your speakers, or at least turn them down. It's distracting when trying to listen to your awesome commentary.

  17. @ 44:52. "I'll just take…and I'll just check….and I'll just pick off all his rooks….."

  18. I wish Naka would spend some of this time on his classical chess. I might be wrong but his play with the white pieces against the top players needs work. I want him to get into the candidates and win. Believe me…The talent is there.

  19. Is he ok at 1:07:55? Camera goes down for a couple of minutes, then he leaves his queen hanging a few moves later.

  20. "Don't really want to exchange, but I'll offer an exchange."
    Hikaru Nakamura, 2017.

  21. "It's something of a matter of technique" god I love him

  22. i like Hikaru, i think he's a nice person aside from being a brilliant chess player.

  23. How do I punish him? It’s punishment time. LMAO!!!!!!

  24. So a millionaire cant get a good computer with a good connection?

  25. Just unbelievable how good Naka is. Wish he’d get a chance at Carlson for the championship. Let’s hope he does well in the candidates tournament.

  26. So if lagging seems to be a problem, why don't these chess sites simply introduce a feature: if you lose time due to lagging, even after lag compensation, they just tell you at the end of the game how much time you lost due to lag? Loss = total lag time – lag compensation. This should be easy to calculate.

  27. why doesn't he play with an increment? everyone one of these stupid 3+0 games ends in flagging

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