Nakamura’s Knockouts: Blitz Chess Vs Eric Hansen And Andrew Tang

In his second stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura takes his blitz chess up a notch, playing blitz specialists IM Andrew Tang, GM Eric Hansen, and more to a strong of matches. Follow along as Hikaru shares his thoughts on this tense battles!

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  1. Накамура конкретный Шахматный Супер Спец Молодец Оценка Пять с Плюсом

  2. "a computer would win ths with eyes closed." love it

  3. What was he saying was so ridiculous and insane at 2:30:55? Had his opponent only played 122 games and won 114 of them?

  4. Will he be streaming anytime soon? I'd so love to catch a stream live

  5. what's that flag next to his name? chile? taiwan? or the us? at 7:59 he's playing against a clearly usa flag and it's not the same as his

  6. Just a suggestion. Turn off your speakers, or at least turn them down. It's distracting when trying to listen to your awesome commentary.

  7. @ 44:52. "I'll just take…and I'll just check….and I'll just pick off all his rooks….."

  8. I wish Naka would spend some of this time on his classical chess. I might be wrong but his play with the white pieces against the top players needs work. I want him to get into the candidates and win. Believe me…The talent is there.

  9. Is he ok at 1:07:55? Camera goes down for a couple of minutes, then he leaves his queen hanging a few moves later.

  10. "Don't really want to exchange, but I'll offer an exchange."
    Hikaru Nakamura, 2017.

  11. "It's something of a matter of technique" god I love him

  12. i like Hikaru, i think he's a nice person aside from being a brilliant chess player.

  13. How do I punish him? It’s punishment time. LMAO!!!!!!

  14. So a millionaire cant get a good computer with a good connection?

  15. Just unbelievable how good Naka is. Wish he’d get a chance at Carlson for the championship. Let’s hope he does well in the candidates tournament.

  16. So if lagging seems to be a problem, why don't these chess sites simply introduce a feature: if you lose time due to lagging, even after lag compensation, they just tell you at the end of the game how much time you lost due to lag? Loss = total lag time – lag compensation. This should be easy to calculate.

  17. why doesn't he play with an increment? everyone one of these stupid 3+0 games ends in flagging

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