Nakamura’s Knockouts: Adopting GMs in Blitz Chess

Super-grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura attempts to adopt mortal grandmasters in a string of blitz chess battles.

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  1. 2 years ago 1k. He is going 1M this year 10M in next 2 years.
    You’re amazing streamer also your games will go down in history.
    Generations coming will be watching your streams for tricks & obviously bong cloud🤭

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  3. 11:02 , Ofc we supported you and still supporting , just watched this video and dude you hit 1m SUBS it's fair enough

  4. POV: You’re watching hikaru 3 years later and now he’s a Twitch giant and still competes at the top level. Feelsgoodman

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  8. Haha he used to be so humble now he owns the twitch scene 🙂

  9. I thought this video was about adopting a child! Can you help me out with this matter?

  10. 10:51 this is what we boys happy for.

    seeing naka now

  11. There's no rule against sleeping during a stream (is there?), so if it comes to that, maybe he could do a 24 hr stream.

  12. hikaru im so proud you became recognised by the world.

  13. I love how Hikaru gives us incredibly in depth chess analysis and then 4:30 he basically tells us we're all braindead 😂😂😂

  14. Hikaru vs Nihal's coach. Nostalgia!

  15. Your srsly good man I appreciate you Hikaru can learn a lot from a guy like you play keep at it

  16. God Bless you I had no idea you were against the dems way of life. Your good peoples

  17. Good for 50 mio but rich enough plz🎉🎉🎉😂

  18. Seeing this today in my video suggestions. I can safely say hikaru might become the ninja of chess streaming.

  19. I fell asleep and woke up to this. Honestly not mad lol

  20. The year is 2023 almost 2024. Hikaru has qualified for the candidates and here shortly will be world chess champion

  21. GM NAKAMURA can you please do us a favor and play against Leela at Knight Odds there is now a bot on LiChess called "LeelaKnightOdds" in 5/3 time control, Lots and lots of GMs are loosing please show us that humanity still has a chance

  22. 1:32:33

    My how times changes. And here you are, doing a victory royale 4 years later.
    Grats on your success Hikaru.

  23. You know recently Hikaru watched Fabi's podcast and said that it was the dropping of stress because of finances that most greatly contributes to his rise. He called it right here 10:15 thru 11:00. Glad it worked out for him:)

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