Nakamura wins Street Chess blitz in 60 seconds

Speed King Hikaru Nakamura wins a friendly blitz street chess wthin a minute against IM Mitrabha Guha

Video: Shahid Ahmed

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  1. I didnt read the title of video, i realised it is India, as i too live here,and kept seeing it and was also surprised why the other person isnt resigning after losing queen, then the showed face of hikaru, completely surprising to see him playing casually with players in my country.

  2. 0:49 The way Hikaru moved his bishop to h7… that was intimidating just to look at. The nervousness you're already feeling facing a super GM otb and then he does that.

  3. Nakamura is a cheater. He dealt a few of his moves off the bottom of the deck

  4. Looking forward for more such videos from chessbase India.
    I'm sure Naka will enjoy the Indian hospitality in Kolkata.

  5. Magaling magaling. Mahusayy.. Si Gm nakamura.

  6. No nakamura face with whom he is playing 😊

  7. These players are target practice for Naka

  8. Incase any of didnt know, nakamura also has a chess channel called GM hikaru

  9. Naka's opponent didn't use his time in clock that's why he lose quickly. He just move fast just to impress other people or maybe even naka.

  10. Damn, I thought Black was just a random chess hustler and then I realised he is an IM. Naka makes it look too easy.

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