Nakamura wins Street Chess blitz in 60 seconds

Speed King Hikaru Nakamura wins a friendly blitz street chess wthin a minute against IM Mitrabha Guha

Video: Shahid Ahmed

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  1. Wait,, what! I dont see it, thank you adm09 for 3month subs…

  2. Naka cheats as usual – white should not have the clock his side.

  3. Why is this guy playing so fast? Take a second and don't blunder your queen

  4. I know the perfect place to start a thriving horn repair shop.

  5. How not to play against a top 10 player in the world:

    Make every move instantly because you think you’re better at tactics than him

  6. This guy thought that he would beat Naka on time. LMAO!

  7. 0:42 h6 was black's downfall. White gains a pawn, a rook, and a queen in exchange for two knights and a bishop. Maybe g6 would have been better.

  8. Sounds like nakamura is playing in between a war zone.. Damm that traffic noise 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  9. Is it just me thinking they didn't even turn on the clock? – it shows 0:04 all the time.

  10. Indoor: caugh
    Outdoor: horn

  11. Street chess has nothing on street countdown!

  12. Whose here after Youtube recommended the game of Carlsen?

  13. 1:20: yes, it's really Hikaru. Before you just see a tacky t-shirt.

  14. surrounded by curries ? dude nakamura should've checked his wallet … no joke

  15. It must've been the craziest and unforgettable day for the random black piece chess player, but for Nakamura, it was Tuesday.

  16. Lol what a noob. I can lose against Nakamura in less then 60 seconds

  17. Who was naka's opponent? Guy with 1300 rating maybe.. even i could win vs him he gives away queen forks and bishops!?

  18. At first I thought Nakamura left the match to do the interview before the game was over I was like Damn LOL

  19. new to chess, could someone explain why black withdraw in the end?

  20. I recall Bobby Fischer complained about, what was it, the noise video cameras made while he played? Lol, can't EVEN imagine him playing here

  21. It should be illegal to have a horn if yoir gonna have that level of noise.

  22. Nakamura just released a YouTube video reacting to this

  23. I can tell this is India because of all the horns 🤣

  24. Hikaru is an unstoppable force on street

  25. Love from Bengal
    Bengal my home state .
    And I also have exactly the same pieces what they were playing with.

  26. Social media has polluted minds to such a level that even the chessboard doesn't look Secular at all!!

  27. People in India seem to have no manners when it comes to thing like this. Don’t stand so close to the players. Give people some space to move their arms at least.

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