Nakamura Vs Zherebukh: 5 Game Blitz Chess Series

Yaroslav Zherebukh won a big game against GM Fabiano Caruana in the U.S. Champs and was leading Hikaru Nakamura, but Naka is bringing his blitz a-game here. Can “Yaro” contend?

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  1. Probably my favorite video and I've been a avid hikaru watcher for years

  2. Street fighter paved the way for all other blockbuster fighting games. ZHEA!!!

  3. @ 7:07 "…..with a handle like Cruel Yaro…..its time to be cruel to him."

  4. He makes manhandling a GM effortless. FIDE should look into adding a Supreme GM title for players on Nakamura's level.

  5. "Naka is bringing his blitz a-game"… so it's fair to say that this isn't Hikaru's own channel after all?

  6. Man GMs looking like ordinary club players against Naka, not a sniff of an attack.

  7. Man casually crushes GM while discussing street fighter.

  8. 13:01 "fight, fight, fight!"

    "Ummm.. Idonu why i said that" 😂😂 he killed me

  9. a queen and two rooks coming at his king and he still talking about street fighter
    What a legend!!

  10. Naka is obviously a great player, especially in blitz and bullet, but his commentary is pretty weak.. A large majority of the time it comes down to basically announcing the opponent's move and then saying "I'll play (insert move here)".

  11. next time Naka french defence please with black if e4)

  12. if this one is the cruel, cant imagine what naka would do to the cool one

  13. Listen to him calculate the game in seconds

  14. Naka gotta give these dudes time odds.

  15. "B and A pawn are gonna roll down the board and boom! Just all over"

  16. Jasus Naka. That's was some strong shit!

  17. I just realized how based this guy is. :O

  18. i am really amazed every time i see Naka plays … he makes the game seems so easy … i can not describe how scary he is

  19. I see GMHikaru is running his latest brainware update

  20. i just thought that long hair would suit you well. what do you think?


  22. I like to watch Naka's videos even when i dont know what the fuck is happening, Theorically speaking.

  23. 2:48 – and they ask you how you are, and you just have to say you're fine when you're not fine, but you just can't get into it, because they would never understand

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