Nakamura Vs Tang: 28 Game Blitz Chess Binge

I play IM Andrew Tang in a long blitz chess series as I try to keep things a bit weird and funky, throwing my young opponent off his game.

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  1. " not sure if you can call this an attack, but it's something to do." fell out of my chair laughing at this.

  2. Did he ever end up bongclouding the penguin?

  3. this is as instructive as it can get, thanks for uploading

  4. Great chess, top level blitz. But am I the only one to think his accent is unbearable ? I can taaake if I waaant to, I don't haave to. Ooobviously, flaaag, baaad, huuum

  5. Trivial means unimportant btw just saying lol

  6. Wy you stop of to do videos?

  7. 4:09 when knight strarts to move i was sure Hikaru forgot be5 :-), but it wasn't.

  8. Alright! This is the last game…meanwhile 1 hr later.

  9. 1:11:57 he had a draw there with kc5 and after queening rf3 after queen takes and bishop takes u can go for the b pawn with the king

  10. 14 mins in. howd i get so low on time?

    gets mated 2 seconds later

  11. Whoever is creating these accounts “i_got_chess_bae_pregnant” and “i_got_nakamura_pregnant” to donate to the stream deserves an award 😂😂

  12. Hikaru adopting another GM. how does he pay for all those childs he spanks

  13. Is it just me or does Hikaru sound like Nicholas Cage sometimes

  14. Awesome victory with the Bong Cloud!!!

  15. "I think I'm gonna stop soon"
    over an hour of video left
    I think not

  16. Haha, so Andrew donates 1$ at 44 minutes with the message ”please resign”. Would cost more than that I think 😂

  17. 14:49 dude doesn't even acknowledge the fact he got checkmated. Blames it on time… Your an awesome chess player but give credit when it is due.

  18. 14:45 are we not going to talk about penguin setting up that spicy mating net under time pressure?

  19. Hikaru: free juicer?
    Andrew: hold me juice

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