Nakamura Vs Hansen: 13 Game Blitz Chess Series

Eric Hansen gets a great start, but Hikaru Nakamura isn’t giving up easy and tries to claw back as many rating points as he can in this blitz chess series.

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  2. Hi, Naka!! Finally you're on your own channel at last 🙂
    "No talk for the next few games"
    talks like a maniac lol

  3. I'm glad you have your own channel now, Hikaru. Your chess is very inspiring, and your bullet play is unrivaled. Seeing you beat Eric Hansen is always a pleasure. He needs to be knocked off his high horse. There's a reason you're a world elite player and he is not

  4. i simply love that guy : ) naka we love u !! greetings from mannheim, germany

  5. Very instructive for the club level player..thank you !

  6. Hey Naka,your games are awesome!Thanks for your commentary👍

  7. how do I make donations, I don't see a PayPal link in the video 🤔

  8. time to actually beat him… yea sure

    jk chill

  9. is there a version from erics view with eric?

  10. "He starts off with a lucky win" when all roads led to Rome. On the second win, it was now" Eric will lose 5 in a row." Then the third win came and Hikaru went into hunt mode… exclam.

  11. Naka is Raymond Babbett, but without the autism.

  12. at 8:30 why he didn't got that horse? i don't see anything…its a free piece no?

  13. How many did you win, how many did you lose?

  14. Two, four, six, eight, who do you want to penetrate?

  15. Legend says that Hikaru got flagged once. ONCE.

  16. I hate how Hikaru never admits when he plays bad, he blames lag or time or other excuses. During the second game he blamed time even though he had more time than Eric, how about both first and second game he blamed lag yet Eric and him are staying in the same location. Honestly in the beginning, Eric was just playing better. No excuses man come on

  17. Poor guy blundered his queen! I think Eric meant to play Qe7

  18. can you explain things in more layman's terms? i'm a 700 and i am having a hard time following

  19. Just found out by accident you had your own channel, I used to watch your games on ICC like 8-9 years ago 🙂 Love the live commentary. This is now my favorite chess channel 🙂

  20. So much rage and hate whenever he loses a game.

  21. de que hablas hikaru soy de argentina y no entiendo pero te admiro muchisimo hikaru

  22. Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube chess master rap

  23. Question, on 23:56, couldn't white move his bishop to D5 to pin the queen to the king?

  24. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH !!! AHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! I love Nakas videos and I think he is one of the greatest players in todays chess world, but man Eric destroyed him those 3 first games so bad hahahahahahhahahah ! Nice videos, keep up the great work!

  25. First 3 games so many things r hanging …y hikaru didn't take advantage .. Played terribly I think

  26. ok i am gna beat him five in a row…after two minute ….aaah propalbly this lost but mayebe thers somr hope….ya its not gna work hmmmm ok

  27. Im gonna win five in a row! then he loses. Too confident

  28. You are such a poor loser. Just accept people holding your level. Its no all about luck and lag.

  29. over the past 2 years, I can see that Hikaru has improved his calculation speed pretty good.

  30. For some reason I can only fall asleep to chess lol

  31. Just look how u changed man ..even way u speak it sounds different..

  32. Good old times) Hikaru was 2900 and Erik 2600 .)

  33. Back in the days when Hikaru used to care!

  34. I'm from the future. Just came here to watch the 2022 grand prix champion and candidate and the 2024 world chess championship challenger. Can't wait for this big match

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