Nakamura chess blitz

Boris Savchenko – Hikaru Nakamura
Wch chess blitz Moscow 2010


  1. haha there comes a point where naka's like, fuck this noise I'm just gonna blitz em out and win that way

  2. The checkmate is called the capablanca's mate!

  3. that girl in black and yellow dress….olalala

  4. Nakamura parece estar muy molesto ya en los últimos minutos, al pobre reloj casi lo rompen

  5. Naka is so agressive 🙂

  6. Savchenko punished that noob like a boss

  7. Did the Japanese cry a lot after the game?

  8. watch out for the fishing pole Boris…!!! 😉

  9. Para mi concepto, Nakamura no es lo suficientemente bueno para ser campeón de ajedrez, no ha podido vencer a Magnus Carlsen, y dudo mucho que algún día lo pueda lograr, solo quedo como para jugador de plaza, es decir es solo un borracho de plaza.

  10. Funny how he is all calm, and then he drops a pawn in the endgame and is like, You know what? Efff this, I am just going to mate you.

  11. Could someone tell me what is the size of these boards because they don't seem to be 50×50 ? Thanks a lot

  12. muy buena partida pero gano a duras penas. ojala mejore su juego y sea mas competitivo y menos soberbio

  13. Naka in 2010 and 11 was so beast ..He won TATA and Tall

  14. 10:22 Rc1 was mate for black not that it matters he won like 6 seconds later

  15. Wow, mate on the board at the GM level…astounding

  16. the only thing Nakamura lacks is a personality

  17. Why did he move into mate? He could have gone the other way…

  18. the precise way they move the pieces is orgasmic

  19. Hahahahhaahhahahahaa take that Boris

  20. Wow I rarely ever to get to see a grandmaster checkmate another grandmaster, good shyt Naka

  21. The girl in the flower dress is alright lookin =)

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