My puzzle rating vs my blitz rating

Made by @HarrisAlterman

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  1. Let me flex so I can feel better than everyone lol. I reached 2800 puzzles in 3 days and I just started 5 blitz games to reach 1500 . But I came back to chess after a year break and I was stuck at 1200 back then. How I climbed up was by having a blank slate and quickly learning about fundamentals and viewing chess as a whole strategy game instead of relying on gambits and purely intuitive moves.

  2. Which is the best app for chess
    Please recommend me I am new

  3. I've been playing a month at 14 I've just hit 700

  4. I looked up one video on how to play chess and now this is on my recommended. Idk what any of this means

  5. i have 2143 puzzle 1453 in play 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. 2500 in puzzles, 500 in rapid cause i have to keep afking

  7. Meanwhile me: 1500 rapid 1800 puzzles, a rare exception

  8. me with a 1100 puzzle rating and a 480 rapid rating 💀

  9. My Bullet rating is way higher than my rapid rating lol

  10. Yeah. Puzzle rating just really has nothing to do with actual play strength.

    You can also just take as much time as you want for the puzzles and basically never fail any of them.
    Or you can Blitz them out and be like three times lower.

  11. 200 rating with 2100 in puzzle but tbh I almost only play puzzles becauze I heard they were good to improve

  12. Anyone know the song name? I can’t remember it

  13. its sl much easier when not playing youreself and watching someone else play idk why but i spot all the tactics when spectating but never im my own games

  14. 1300 puzzle with 500 blitz 900+ rapid 600+bullet

  15. my puzzle rating is only 1900 and my rapid rateing is 1603

  16. Probably gonna me since I'm scared of humans

  17. I have 2500 puzzle 1600rapid 1200blitz 1000bullet

  18. I'm 1200 in puzzles and 500 in almost all game times

  19. lol 1650 in puzzles but hardstuck at 400 in blitz💀

  20. my rating in puzzels went from almost 1800 back to almost under 100 now back to 1500-1600
    sometimes i get a large streak but as soon as i get one puzzle wrong i get the next ten puzzels wrong aswell

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