Mate in 6 moves | Blitz Game Trap | ft. Vijay Joshi

Mate in 6 moves | This Trick will Every Time | Blitz Game Trap | ft. Vijay Joshi. Get ready for new chess traps everyday.

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  1. This only works if white plays ND2 on move 2, which I've almost never seen

  2. Even low rated players will play either the queen's gambit or the london system when opening with d4.
    White here is like new to the game or a 100 elo player

  3. Dumb video white would never sacrifice a horse for nothing

  4. Until now after playing 100 of match none of my opponent has played Nd2😂

  5. You're much more likely to get fools mate than this

  6. Lol who plays knight D2??? On the second move

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