MATCH OF THE YEAR!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura | Finals World Blitz Chess Championship 2019

MATCH OF THE YEAR!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura | Finals World Blitz Chess Championship 2019
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  1. Why is this a draw? Magnus had one more pawn that he could have promoted to queen

  2. How in the world is the first game ended by draw ? Magnus was wining

  3. а кто выиграл первую партию ?они признали ничью?

  4. Is not at 11:54 Check with the castle from Magnusen ?, why he didnt move the king ?

  5. not a draw. White is in a commanding position. Dark Rook can only move to H. Mate in 3 for white.

  6. Gotta love all of the Chess masters advice in the comment section 😂

  7. I was the guy shushing people in the background.

  8. I would definately have played d3 -d4, and was waiting for that, a few moves… but that wasnt played..

  9. Grandmasters at work and a crowd that has an avgerage body temp of 101.1°

  10. Everytime you saw Magnus!! You’ll think like that he had some kind of stomach issues!!!!😂 he’s face is just like naah i just wanna go to my room!!

  11. I often wonder if he is just smart in chess, or it reflects on everything else?

  12. Who is the woman at 14:14 walking behind Magnus? Nice cake she got 👀

  13. Did somone noticed that Nakamura looks like Magnus japanese version?

  14. Magnus always have this expression each time he beats somebody like "its fine dont worry about it" reaction lol

  15. Nakamura is the idiot player in chess game

  16. I love chess, the only thing I don’t like about these tournaments is that they are quick to give up as soon as they’re in a disadvantage position, they should have to play it out instead of quiting

  17. First time I saw magnus coming early before his opponent

  18. why magnus sit first now. 🤣🤣🤣. usualy he come late. 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Tired of watching hikaru but always keep losing.

  20. if you listen closely you can hear demons underwater

  21. Wow Magnus in round 2 is a beast, that attack is magnificent

  22. Rxh7+ mate in 3, would have been a nice finish instead of Nxf7+, not that it mattered

  23. εάν λάβω μέρος θα τούς κερδίσω όλους αλλά η κουκουβάγια μου τι θα κάνει μόνη της μου λέτε;

  24. αμάν ρε Γιώργο με την κουκουβάγια σου μάς έχεις σπάσει τα νεύρα

  25. Α ο κλέφτης για να δώ

  26. οι οφθαλμοί μου δεν μπορώ άλλο παιδιά συγνώμη

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