Mamedyarov Plays Perfect Blitz Chess Game

Join @DanielNaroditskyGM as he commentates this blitz Queen’s Gambit Declined between two of the best chess players in the world, @viditchess and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, at the 2021 FIDE World Blitz Championship in Warsaw.

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  1. Vidit trades everything I don't like that

  2. Shak is a great player. He's also a very humble and super ambassador for chess. His banter blitz sessions are very enlightening, and on his day reminds me of Ivanchuk in his prime. Danya is an unbelievably good commentator, so entertaining and insightful …. and unlike many others, exciting! Makes the game fun. Well done.

  3. Danya should be mentioned as the best blitz and bullet chess commentator of all time.

  4. Does the title imply that Shak played top-engine moves from start to finish? If so, that'd mean he played at, what, like 3700 level for the game?

  5. I'll watch any game cast by Danya, he's low-key so good at it 😀

  6. I'm a simple man. I see Danya commentate a blitz game, I like.

  7. Men of culture, we meet again in a Danya commentary video.

  8. Сдвоил пешки и получил проеб

  9. I would listen to Danya commentating on paint drying.

  10. If you are a chess fan, follow me so we can learn together

  11. Exceptionally high quality play for a blitz game, and with rook+pawn endings being a particular strength of mine, I fully appreciate the absolute perfection demonstrated by Mamedyarov here. It's amazing how super GMs can see deep positional advantages out of the opening and know exactly which pieces to trade (and when to trade them) to exploit it. Bravo to both players for an outstanding game!

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