Magnus was late and still beat a GM in 30 seconds…

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  1. You sure as hell know magnus was in the back room deciding what snack he wants after the match!!!!

  2. The chest game legend is mr.tate andrew tate father

  3. You’ll regret doing that when he will judge you un the end times

  4. I have no clue what the hell is going on

  5. I’ve never seen greater meat riding than how hard chess players meat rid mangnus

  6. Didn’t this guy get called out for cheating ? I rest my argument

  7. This is why white people fear the black knowing they are too strong (jk)

  8. Damn I didn’t know chess got this serious

  9. He is the best chess player in the world for a reason.

  10. What is this Walmart Gotham chess setup lmao

  11. sis I'm not kidding u look like young sheldon

  12. Who who .. just watched her and forgot about the gane??

  13. Dude is late so often to these tourneys it feels like a chess move

  14. There is seconds adding so it's not 30 seconds

  15. if i m not wrong , he arrived 12m30s late . the opponent waited 10m then the referee said that he had to start the game .

  16. Bruh i watched one chess vid now im getting a million

  17. Her: How you ask?
    Me: I didn’t ask

  18. Magnus likes to waste time before beating a person

  19. she is trying so hard to be like gotham chess

  20. Punctuality is just nothing to this dude🙃

  21. Man is it just me or does Magnus showing up late piss anyone else off? Like isn’t he the pinnacle of his sport and profession??? Fucking guy shows up late which is just disrespectful to his opponent and the sport. Surely the best in the world can figure out how to be punctual

  22. There’s a lot of videos of Magnus showing up late and this honestly really disrespectful for your opponent and people still sucks his balls and praise him for doing that shit.

  23. I’ve seen this, and the guy he was playing just let the clock run so it was fair…

  24. she: Still managed to Win! how u ask..
    me: hes the world's best chess champion

  25. I swear it’s like this dude deserves a movie or good anime of him already lol

  26. “Such a blunder sometimes it makes me wonder why i even bring the thunder”

  27. Whats wrong with the red around your mouth?
    Is there some condition I don't know about

  28. Does she have a fake set of gums and teeth ?

  29. Is this the guy who plays with a butt plug in?

  30. he used magnum his real name is carlos magnum carlos

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