Magnus vs. Hikaru! CRAZY Norway Chess Blitz Match

During The Blitz portion of Norway Chess this week Magnus Carlsen decided to sacrifice 30 seconds to Hikaru Nakamura and then in a wild turn of events still pull of a victory!

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  1. This is peak mental exellence at play here. Super exciting times!

  2. This is the match, that proves why magnus is the GOAT

  3. Hikaru could have pinned the pawn with the bishop in the end and may won the game..🙂

  4. Intentionally reaching late was one of the most disrespectful thing to do.. This guy doesn't respect anyone he thinks he is the god. So much ego

  5. Please change the description of the video

  6. stupid commentators think they are equal to champions

  7. I can beat both two guys in snake and ladders 😎

  8. I like Hikaru a lot. Just the fact that he didn’t start the clock himself and was not amused that it was started by the assistant. What a great match it looked really good for both at times.The level is insane I could not win against either of them even if they had one minute time and I had as much time as I wanted to have. This is nuts.

  9. Der Magnus soll sich die Haare schneiden er sieht grauenvoll aus 😅😅

  10. 💞💞💞💞💞💞wooaa!! match!!

  11. It's not a Magnus game if Magnus doesn't disrespect the oponent Lmao

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