Magnus Carlsen’s Most Exciting Blitz Game Ever

The highest-rated chess player of all-time, Magnus Carlsen, faced one of the most exciting players in the world, Richard Rapport, at the 2022 World Blitz Championship! Join @DanielNaroditskyGM as he commentates one of the most dramatic blitz games of the 15-time world champion’s career!

Check out the game:

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  1. God damn, this commentator is the Goat of the video.

  2. Props to Rapport for having the balls to go for a win when he had the draw though

  3. why didn’t magnus play B7 with his queen at the 8:05 min mark???

  4. For those confused @8:08 its called"en passant" means "in passing". The rule of en passant says that when a pawn moves two squares on one turn, the very next move an adjacent pawn may capture that pawn as if it had only moved one square. The move was invented to prevent players from locking up the chessboard with pawns.

  5. Why few seconds were added when the count reach 3 seconds or 4 seconds ?

  6. I wasn't aware that the vocalist of Metallica is a chess player… and a GM at that.

  7. This commentary would be easily beat some radio coverages of '80s and '90s footbal games

  8. On minute 8:03 black make check with the pawn and white make a weird mover like took the pawn with their pawn but why that move is approved? I'm confused, that is not how pawn "eat" can Simeone explain me that?

  9. The most drammatic part was Magnus looking for the second queen on the bunch of captured pieces off the board with 4s on the clock

  10. This is probably my favourite chess game!

  11. I am amazed at how thousands of ideas are getting displayed to me, whilee my brain registers nothing but danya’s voice 😂

  12. I'm confused. It wasn't check mate at the end

  13. First time I've had to watch a YouTube video on slower speed.

  14. I like one commentator for blitz games & DN did a good job

  15. I am caught by the ''clickbait title'' and have just seen that the title tells the truth indeed! Hats off for both players…

  16. Very clever and fun game. I like games like this. Because the clocks become important to pressure. While magnus is Down on time. The opponent needs to keep pressure on the clock or his time becomes magnus’s time to think as well. So magnus used his time perfectly. Where it reverse pressured the opponent. Forcing him to keep moving until they made a mistake he could exploit.

    And that resulted in two queens😂

  17. Feel so lucky living in a time where he’s alive and a madman

  18. what's the over under on how many days its been since either one of these guys have bathed?

  19. 5:08 …Qf5?! could be met with Bg4, pinning the black queen against the rook. …Rce8 doesn't help, as White could just take that rook with a Queen and be up the whole piece after all the dust settles. Running away with the queen (…Qxf7 or …Qh7) results in a nasty exchange for Black, as they would have to give up the rook for White's light-square bishop. Bg4 is a killer pin, is it not? What am I missing?

  20. imagine being so good at chess you do it for a living

  21. I noticed because Magnus is so good at the endgame that he never saves time for it because he almost always lags a minute down on time in the middle game where he focuses the most setting up a good endgame for him.

  22. -10, no problemo. I get stressed when i am -3

  23. Lmao americans commentating is the most annoying thing in the world. Is there a video without a yank chirping in my ear and giving me a headache?

  24. That's horse sacrifices really mind blowing

  25. I don't get why he didn't just take the castle on C8 earlier, it had no defence

  26. Magnus is as impressive as always with his play, you almost expect that to happen… buut Daniel's commentary was just INSANE. I have seen him stream, and heard him before announcing major events, but this was next level. Truly grabbed your hand, your attention, and led you through what felt like a whirlwind of adventure instead of a chess match.

  27. 7:28 can someone explain why Q.b7 isn’t mate in one? I’m so lost why Magnus isn’t playing this. I must be missing something

  28. What’s the deal with the Elvis hairstyle 😂

  29. You can see laughter from BOTH players there
    No. No you cannot.

  30. This was easily one of the most intense and entertaining game I ever watched..

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