Magnus Carlsen’s moment of pure happiness on becoming World Blitz 2022 after beating Abdusattorov

Magnus Carlsen was leading the tournament by half a point going into the final round. He was facing the Uzbek prodigy Nodirbek Abdusattorov. Such final rounds are always filled with pressure. While Nakamura and Duda were closely following Carlsen with a half point deficit, Magnus had his fortune in his own hands. And what a game he played. An absolute gem! Check out this game and also the final moment of Magnus becoming the World Blitz Champion and with it a champion in all three formats!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Bit confused on how things work in this competition.

    Wasn't check mate, so what distinguishes a win?

  2. They should be allowed to scream and be like “wooohoooo

  3. Twelve ducking years in a row number 1 on the FIDE Ratings

  4. did they play this game beside the ocean?

  5. Why did dude quit at the end? Was it really that inevitable?? And Magnus just attacks attacks attacks… you gotta just weather that storm and hope he slips up…

  6. Suggestion : keep a digital board on the screen to see the moves of players clearly

  7. I know how to play chess but how in world was a winner called? Why are they already shaking hands at 8:53? I'm looking at the board and I see so many moves that can still happen. Neither king is even in check.

  8. They go about it like it’s a chore they have to get done before going out and playing with friends.

  9. man that guy has a big ego. non-verbal says it all.

  10. I can’t believe he became the actual tournament.

  11. As not so good chess player can sameone tell me why he gave up😀

  12. I don't understand why the other guy gave up

  13. You can see how Magnus thinks and moves his pieces so well! (I don’t know anything about chess)

  14. maybe a gme could detrone the Champion, maybe i'll couldn't be there but GG Magnus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 1:12 I don't play chess. Can someone explain why he can move 2 pieces in one turn here?

  16. I love how unfair it is….I mean the dude every match I have ever seen him play…he just looks around like he's bored lol 😂 the guy is a genius

  17. Can't believe Magnus became World Blitz 2022. So happy for him.

  18. Are Russians any good at chess? I thought they had some of the best players.

  19. I looked for this comment but didn't find it. Does no one else think this whole video is ruined by not showing a better view of the board? I don't know about you but I can't make out the pieces

  20. Can someone explain why Carling is #3 and has a lower rating that Nakamura despite being champion for a number of years?

  21. Why did the game end? I don’t know the rules that well.

  22. Why Russia dont have his flag at the end of the video??

  23. @7:06 Ke2 seemingly looks better then Bf6, but I’m sure abdusattorov had better plans. Well played by both GMs👏

  24. I only started playing chess in jail in Dubai in 2020 and thought I was good…. then i started watching Magnus this guy is a phenomenon wow !!

  25. why did the other guy give up? He wasn't chess yet if I see it well

  26. I am totally noob here but isn't that weird that Magnus is not the highest ranking player even if he is the champion ? I don't get it.

  27. sorry im new to chess but he just gave up cuz he was out of time? i did see a acheck mate in the next move. so did he just know not enough time?

  28. I watch these videos pretending like I understand whats going on!

  29. Abdusattorov is the proud of Uzbekistan

  30. He got revenge. Magnus lose in battle with him

  31. He didn't take the queen at the end there.. (?)lol

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