Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand: World Blitz Championship!

A full video of the game between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand played in the thirteenth round of the FIDE World Blitz Championship in Dubai, on June 20h, 2014.

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  1. What did Carlsen say to Anand at the end? Anand seemed quite displeased.

  2. I'm glad we actually got to see two opponents talking after a game for once rather than seeing a meek handshake and both abruptly walking off. 

  3. Amazing Game! Thought, Anand shouldn't have drawed so quickly!

  4. These pop-up windows are super annoying.

  5.  venciendo al chess titans en nivel 10 con tres reinas hijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Carlsen escaped this time. Not sure about the "real" positional assessment – which doesn't count that much in a blitz game anyway – but he was unconfortable at least and he felt the time pressure

  7. why don't they shake hands in the beginning? everyone else seems to be?

  8. Those annoying annotations are part of the reason I'm going with chess24 now.

  9. What magnus said to him after game, someone knows?

  10. I dont know why, but Anand is so funny! XD ,great player as well..

  11. Is it an official rule you have to use the same hand you move the piece with to stop the timer in blitz?

  12. ended up with repetition?! the camera angle was just disappointing tho.

  13. Annotations = off  ;D 
    Thanks though, Chesscom. HD looks great.

  14. is it a 50-50 at the end or  one of them got more time so he wins !!!!

  15. Peter svidler es el que esta en la parte izquierda de carlsen?

  16. just wondering why they would agree to a draw when Anand could have just won since magnus had so much less time. Why not just keep playing and take the win?

  17. When will Magnus defend his title in 2015 for the World Classical Chess Championship?

  18. todd from breaking bad high as fuq, playing chess and shit

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