Magnus Carlsen vs Judit Polgar: World Blitz Championship!

Magnus Carlsen and Judit Polgar played in the 14th round of the FIDE World Blitz Championship in Dubai, on June 20th, 2014.

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  1. So this is the woman who got wrecked by Kasparov twelve times and Magnus ten times and she only won once to them?

  2. La hicieron pero mierda a esa pobre judít polgar, la destrozaron en 2 minutos,,,la hicieron polvo,,,,,,mi gran pregunta es,,,el ajedrez en sus campeonatos deberían ser hombres y mujeres ,mixto?? Aquí no es de fuerza

  3. Let me guess. The woman loses to the man…
    Edit : yup. I'm shocked to my very core

  4. Who won?
    (Completely new to chess, don’t fully understand the rules yet)

  5. Bobby Fischer's record of youngest Grandmaster stood for 33 years before Judit broke it in 1991. Since then 41 players became Grandmasters at a younger age ( Under 15 years old) than Judit!
    How does one explain this phenomenona?

  6. Great to see women allowed to play chess and not wear bourqa in an islamic country.

  7. 0:27 he stops for 20 seconds, so like at 0:47 the bird gives him a look. The fuck is wrong with you? Ha ha gotta love this game…. even if you're clueless about it lol.

  8. Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

    In the forests of the night;

    What immortal hand or eye,

    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

  9. It's kind of hard for me to really understand a bit of the game from that point of view… I had to put it on Board editor… Yes, and yet I didn't get the whole thing

  10. This is big.
    Two of the best ever, respectively.
    And I love that it's just raw footage without the influence of whoever would otherwise be adding commentary.
    Looking forward to playing this one back slowly and analyzing the game!

  11. Soooo did someone win or was it a draw? And how can one tell?

  12. so no ones going to talk about that guy with the twitchy foot?

  13. I heard he could mate her under the table from any position.
    ….But if you fork the Queen, you'd best Check on the diagonal black square, else you could end up bashing the bishop.

  14. I feel cameramen surrounding and clicking pictures using a flash may be too irritating and may distract these players. But I guess they would be trained for that.

  15. Go to the kitchen Judith,dont mess with Carlsen.

  16. I wish they had a top view for these videos it makes it easier to see the game.

  17. Flash photography would anger me when I am trying to see the board and concenteate. I wonder how the players cope with that distraction.

  18. This is the strongest hands shake in History, that human eyes have seen in chess. 6:50

  19. Judit retired because her body could not take it anymore. Imagine the stress of moving those pieces and punching the clock. Sitting down and remaining quiet all throughout the match.

    Wow, these players have the hardest sport known to man. Makes the gladitors look like sissys.

  20. Just here after watching them play a match in the park after 8 yrs

  21. Hello everybody… Youtube recommended you this video, yes?? 👀

  22. Who came after reading Atomic habit 😂

  23. Why didn't the game finish?

    Disclaimer I'm a super noob

  24. These two are the two greatest players in history

  25. you cant variations til your oponrent makes a move…but computers can..😁

  26. Can't compare the best woman player ever with the best player ever


  28. This was peak magnus, I think he’s better in terms of theory today but not in focus but that tends to happen to people that dominate so long

  29. She played very well
    But if she cooked something in the kitchen, that would be more beneficial

  30. Don't dare to attack Magnus otherwise you Will end up losing your king 😂

  31. People only talk about their game in that park. It's clear Judit is strong, but what's strong against the strongest.

  32. Why y'all overlay live chessboard on Magnus-Hikaru but not this one? They were played the same day.

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