Magnus Carlsen vs Judit Polgár – 2014 World Blitz Chess Championship

Featured is the last official game between Magnus Carlsen and Judit Polgár from the 2014 World Blitz Chess Championship. Carlsen was on fire throughout 2014, winning the blitz, rapid, and classical world titles in addition to reaching the highest ever classical rating of 2882. Their game is a King’s Indian Defense with Carlsen opting for the Sämisch variation (5. f3). Throughout this 39-move encounter, the center remained mostly closed. Polgár induced queenside weaknesses in Carlsen’s camp and also dropped a knight deep into Carlsen’s kingside. The queenside structure was such that Polgár was the only one who held the key to locking that sector. Once Polgár decided to lock it, the position became critical for Carlsen. He had to find the best continuation, or he would risk long-term suffering with the ensuing play invariably drifting towards the kingside, the sector where Polgár had a significant space advantage. A timely and precise extraction of any black figure on g3 became a priority for Carlsen.

Image of Magnus Carlsen in thumbnail courtesy of Lennart Ootes

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. f3 O-O 6. Be3 a6
7. Nge2 c6 8. a4 a5 9. Ng3 Na6 10. Be2 Qc7 11. O-O e5 12. d5
h5 13. Qd2 h4 14. Nh1 Nh5 15. Nf2 f5 16. Nd3 f4 17. Bf2 Ng3
18. Rfd1 c5 19. hxg3 hxg3 20. Bxg3 fxg3 21. Qg5 Qf7 22. Nb5
Qf6 23. Qxg3 Bh6 24. Kf2 Nb4 25. Rh1 Kg7 26. Qh4 Qxh4+
27. Rxh4 Bg5 28. Rh2 Be3+ 29. Kxe3 Nc2+ 30. Kd2 Nxa1 31. Kc3
Ra6 32. Rh1 Bd7 33. Rxa1 Bxb5 34. cxb5 Raa8 35. b3 Rh8 36. b6
Rh2 37. Rg1 Ra6 38. Nb2 Rxb6 39. Bb5

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  1. Hey Jerry. I love the way you do analysis. Keep on being awesome

  2. You know it's a good game when the first capture is the h pawn taking the knight

  3. Love it when Jerry refers to bad pieces as 'clowns' lmao

  4. Be3+ setting up the knight fork, what a shot. She's so scrappy

  5. Great video. Did time pressure factor into the blunders on either side?

  6. if I ever made any progress in chess, jerry is the responsible

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  8. So instructive, Jerry. Loved the knight's corner shenanigans variation

  9. Jerry's analysis is invaluable. What a gem we have in him !
    A question : c5 was clearly a bad move by Polgar but what was she to have played ?

  10. A very fine analysis We missed ya, jerry!

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  14. Simple and effective. As we know our Magnus.

  15. The players make chess look easy, and Jerry makes commentary look easy but all are masters of their craft.

  16. Really interesting that it was white that ended up with the monster knights

  17. Hey Jerry, pop quiz. Is that rook toast on b6? Love your videos bro!

  18. I truly enjoyed your video and comments. Outstanding

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  20. Thanks for highlighting the real depth of the game which we never see while these top players play.

  21. Excellent analysis told in a comfortable tone not rushed or glossed over. This is an example of how chess games should be presented on You Tube. Keep up the good work.

  22. You say the pawn is poison and then tell us we were idiots for not taking it. You ran with your bishop to show it was poisonous then attacked with the exact same bishop to say we were fools later on? How rude.

  23. Wow, I love the end positions of those poisoned pawn variations. The very beauty of chess. Thanks for showing

  24. I guess getting beaten by Judith would be like getting beaten by your mother

  25. I disagree with his opening. It should have been Sicilian. Better for the rooks

  26. This is quite brilliant analysis. Thanks, Jerry

  27. Phrase time sensitive meaning short of time a nice phrase to remember for me.

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