Magnus Carlsen vs 2333 rated IM | World Blitz 2022

Magnus Carlsen was up against IM Mukhiddin Madaminov in the 18th round of World Blitz Championships 2022. How was a 2333 rated player playing on the top board at such an advanced stage of the tournament? Well, turns out that the 2006 born Uzbek player is an excellent blitz specialist and had beaten players like Mamedyarov, Yu Yangyi and many others in the event. Check out the game to see how this young talent fares against the greatest player on the planet. It’s Carlsen vs Madaminov from the World Blitz 2022 along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. IM Madaminov had a great attacked but when the game goes to endgame its consider a draw.He under estimate GM Carlen in an endgame.We can saw on his actioned that regret or missed the chance of having a drawn game to an top GM

  2. the IM looks at Magnus more than the board, might be something fishy

  3. Poor Rook Exchange and giveup the game. Here GM will lose if IM moves best

  4. Commentary makes the match more interesting and catches whole attention ❤

  5. Did I watch commentary of a horse race?
    It must be a pawn race then.

  6. How come he lost? Sorry I'm trying to understand

  7. Magnus just Shows Madaminov his level 😂. From the starting of game he used to stare magnus and Magnus just him his level 😂

  8. Can someone pls explain how was it a win for Magnus in this case. Sry if u guys find the question stupid but I’m new to this

  9. till the very end. it's not over until it's over

  10. Can't get into an evenish position with one of the greatest endgame players of all time

  11. Don’t blindly hurry. First take time to see ur way and then rush to it.

  12. The commentator is awesome. He really adds to the suspense!

  13. Magnus was struggling to say “that’s why he is a low rated player”. The IM was doing good until the end game! Good game anyways.

  14. Why i like his comentary more than anything?😂

  15. Madiminov and rapport are my two favorite carlsen games because they were both huge underdogs and fought like lions

  16. I didn't know Spiderman played chess

  17. It's 'amazing' how the IM who's commentating doesn't know what he's talking about. Also, looks like he Madhaminov was so consumed showing off his preparation to Magnus (keeps looking at Magnus after every move) that he forgot who he's playing against. And guess what, we won't be 'watching out for' Madhaminov. 😂😂😂

  18. Great game & commentary. Also Carlsen's remarks in the end.

  19. My goodness. That was extraordinary. And great commentating.

  20. Are you taking the piss? Carlsen's clock goes up, not down. 😂 omfg mate.
    Why are none of you commenting on it?

  21. Congrats to both players.
    My favorite part is when the announces goes “ow my gawd!”

  22. I lost a rook endgame today up a pawn lol

  23. there are a few IMs that are in the top 100 blitz players, this guy is probably one of them

  24. This magnus carlsen deserves respect. If he tries to improve his middle game he might win against GMs as well some day

  25. Again Salute to you, Dear respected saluted amazing Sagar Shah Sir

  26. you saud one of the best that was a blunder, magnus is the best endgame player of all time

  27. world champion against the overconfident IM, hahaha,

  28. He looks like peter parker from the side😅

  29. The kid Madaminov messed up with his bishops from the starts, and then pushes the queen without any strategy. Pretty beginner's level of chess.

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