Magnus Carlsen streams Blitz February ’23 (part1)

Magnus Carlsen vs Vahap Sanal
1 february 2023

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  1. I’m having a weird feeling the other guy was cheating. The time between moves. Very consistent. It would be interesting to run an engine on his games.

  2. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Did Magnus stream a single 9LX game? Maybe doesn't want to expose to the world how much e sucks at 9LX? Look up this 2022 Dec article about a lichess 9LX monthly event in 2022 Nov:

    'Carlsen played the monthly Fischer Random event on lichess and got beaten up quite a bit.'

  3. 25:23 i am 2000 and d5 was screaming, Magnus reading chat meanwhile 🙂

  4. Fun to watch these sometimes, but have you ever tried to actually play chess? It fucking blows.

  5. Why is he blinking so much? Is he being held hostage and blinking Morse code?

  6. 2:39 after blacks queen moves to f6 White queen E8 is checkmate or am i wrong ?

  7. This guy isn’t really world chess champion, is he?

  8. hate to break it to everyone but he was playing a bot

  9. Ice Chess – Whilst you are pirating his OWN stream, couldn't you at least spell his name correctly?. .

  10. Magnus casually loses a game on time and moves on to the next game…. Meanwhile, his opponent cracks the champagne and will be telling his grandkids about this moment for the next 50 years.

  11. Sometimes this happens when we do not focus…this is chess

  12. 20:18 you paused and thought, you finally killed the rook, then you had to check Be3 , he kills it you Qe3 check Qf2 blocks it and then Qc1 check and kill his passed pawn, yes?
    Black up a Knight and more.

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