Magnus Carlsen Stream | Blitz Chess | 19 April 2021

GM Magnus Carlsen Plays Blitz Chess on Twitch Stream (19 April 2021)

Magnus Carlsen vs Team Polgar and Team Kramnik

0:00 Start
1:35 WGM Jiner Zhu (FIDE 2459)
6:52 GM Praggnanandhaa (FIDE 2608)
14:27 IM Zhansaya Abdumalik (FIDE 2472)
20:24 GM Leon Luke Mendonca (FIDE 2549)
27:35 GM D Gukesh (FIDE 2578)
33:15 GM Tingjie Lei (FIDE 2505)
39:12 GM Nihal Sarin (FIDE 2620)
47:00 WGM R Vaishali (FIDE 2393)
53:35 IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (FIDE 2494)
1:00:37 FM Yahli Sokolovsky (FIDE 2442)
1:07:07 IM Polina Shuvalova (FIDE 2476)
1:14:19 GM Jonas Bjerre (FIDE 2550)
1:21:13 IM Volodar Murzin (FIDE 2478)
1:27:26 IM Olga Badelka (FIDE 2433) [Bongcloud]
1:33:32 GM Vincent Keymer (FIDE 2592)
1:40:50 IM Carissa Yip (FIDE 2430)
1:47:40 IM Gunay Mammadzada (FIDE 2443)
1:55:00 IM Christopher Yoo (FIDE 2455)
2:02:57 GM Wonder Liang (FIDE 2592)
2:10:14 GM Anna Muzychuk (FIDE 2535)
2:16:52 GM Surya Ganguly (FIDE 2652)
2:24:43 GM Arthur Kogan (FIDE 2501)


  1. He realy missed a checmate against Polina ?

  2. Love Hikaru, but listening to him banter with doofuses on the chat board take away from the experience. This is so much better.

  3. They aren't The Indians anymore, they were renamed to The Guardians.

  4. Interesting how even the best can get stuck in dirty blunders like in that second game. Curious to know how that would have played out if they had an extra 5 minutes.

  5. When you see Magnus playing it seems so easy. In whole game we see maybe 4-5 unexpected moves, everything else looks so logical and easy to find. But those 4-5 moves making him genious.

  6. Huge fan thanks for the demonstration!!!!

  7. Magnus says queen to f4
    Me (counts squares left to right then up and down) 😆

  8. 25:00 someone saw the trick magnus could pull off with the bishop?

  9. This stream was game a changer for me!
    Just seeing how he'd rotate the pieces on his side of the board was mesmerizing!

  10. “Teaching about chess, not manners!!” 😂😂😂

  11. Unbeatable in the endgame lmao his brain just processes faster then everyone else in the world

  12. why i have to see to the fucking corner to see the matchs bro

  13. "…just pure, disgusting luck."

    I lost it there xD

  14. Reminds me of thé vidéo, where a man is slapign, first His Family then the police 😀

  15. 1:12 mw2 ch eats on my banner and about page

  16. How tf does he think so many moves ahead Jesus Christ and in so little time..I’m in a 30 minute chess game and my head is like 2 moves ahead max lmao

  17. Magnus says (Why did I jump ln ? because I'm a moron that's why) 🤣

  18. Can somebody explain the opening at around 01:28? Is it just courtesy to accept the no-castle game or by not doing so, would you be opening yourself up to a disadvantage…? Thanks

  19. Can we just appreciate how we live in a world where we get to see live and forever continue to watch these types of videos from arguably the greatest chess player in history. Let alone any sport live and having rhe insight. Truely remarkable

  20. I was shocked Magnus missed the knight move against Nihal and ended up blundering, had a really solid position and ended up on the back foot. Sealed his fate with the pre-move and that was the end of that.

    Might be an old game but it's still really interesting how even small improvements or prevention can prevent completely losing your position.

  21. 1:12:39 did Magnus missed the checkmate????? Lol he could play queen C3 and gives mate but he missed it

  22. Magnus is one of the chess players of all time.

  23. Repent your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior God is merciful and he will forgive

  24. How do you improve your game on blitz and rapid?

  25. If you want to be the best at anything you have to play against the best and learn from the best

  26. Kids: trying to beat Magnus
    Magnus: Guys look I can draw arrows

  27. Guys what chess website is he useing

  28. If you play chess you need to get laid LOL

  29. 1:40:11 Player quit on time win?? Players don't quit even when it's 1 move from mate

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