Magnus Carlsen Realizes His Opponent is Using STOCKFISH in Online Blitz Game

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  1. Three things to note:
    1 – He didnt openly accused the guy of anything because he is a gentlemen as has been demonstrated many times.
    2 – He doesnt care because he can beat Stockfish as shown in the video.
    3 – The best way to flex is to say your opponent was amazing.

  2. Magnus looking so young in no beard look 🌚

  3. Magnus can win vs stockfish?? This is a good program and human can beat that program. Who is better human or cpu?

  4. Straight red card get rid of these clowns ruining the game for everyone.

  5. While Magnus be like: "I'm not using the stockfish."


  6. Me when I lose badly: This guy’s definitely cheating
    Checks accuracy Me: 34% Opponent: 47%

  7. "He played really well for his rating". Me checking to see if he a 1200 like me….nope 2100. Feels bad man.

  8. Stockfish played really well for his rating

    – Magnus on defeating stockfish

  9. My man was grinding his Magnus Carlsen number 🙁

  10. Why are there literally no official games available of Magnus vs Stockfish?

  11. "He played really well for his rating"
    His opponent: 4000 ELO

  12. I really love it how he calls him a cheater without actually calling him a cheater 😂

  13. Magnus: if You wanna beat me, don't use stockfish… Use the Magnus app 😎

  14. we all knew that magnus is the engine here

  15. Stockfish's engine is using the database of known Magnus games. The engine gets outplayed by itself.

  16. It was at THAT moment Niemann knew…he fucked up.

  17. Magnus himself is Stockfish in human form so of course he'd recognize it

  18. Imma be honest when i first obtained stockfish i was tempted to use it against actual players but realized before i started cheating that i would just lose on time and just stuck to bullying bots with stockfish

  19. If you last 8 moves against Magnus, then you're definitely cheating.

  20. why does magnus always look like he just got a mouth surgery

  21. His opponent : damn this guy must using bot too he can counter mine stockfish attack..

  22. played against a cheater once. had 92% acc in a 900 rated game. take that

  23. i cheat when i play chess and it makes me feel intelligent

  24. Alternate title: Magnus Carlsen DoesntRealizes His Opponent is Using STOCKFISH in Online Blitz Game

  25. Magnus Carlsen: "He played well for his rating"
    Like bro he never said anything about stockfish, he just said homie was good for his elo rating LOL

  26. Magnus Carlsen is the stockfish with no switching tabs, just as fast as a snap

  27. and is this "Magnus Carlsen Realizes His Opponent is Using STOCKFISH" in the room with us right now?

  28. i wouldnt not get mad over that too cuz stockfish is my favorite bot and mittens

  29. Stockfish on Magnus's head "You played well, brother"

  30. Stockfish against other players: Pathetic mortals, i crush all of you
    Magnus shows up
    Stockfish: Well shit

  31. i like the part where he Realizes His Opponent is Using STOCKFISH in Online Blitz Game

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