Magnus Carlsen never gives up | Carlsen vs Caruana | World Blitz 2022 | Commentary by Sagar

Magnus Carlsen is well known for his abilities to draw water from stone in equal positions. Well, this game is an excellent example of that. He is playing against Fabiano Caruana, one of the best players in the world out there, at the World Blitz 2022. The way in which Carlsen grinds down an equal position is something to learn from. At the same time, you can learn a lot about Caruana’s active defense, and how at the end a small trick made all the difference.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. <<Never gonna give you up>>-Sun tzu

  2. Who is the commentator? Great player seems like.

  3. ~I'm always MC (Magnus Carlsen) fan *♡♡*~

  4. Hikaru be like : Huh this is your first day losing against magnus huh ? I used to lose daily burh !

  5. He cd of took them pawns with his remaining rook no lost position

  6. Like how they are dressed to the color of their pieces

  7. Hikaru the rat enjoying the company in his misery

  8. Hikaru won his match in the back.anyone notice?

  9. Hikaru- hm bhi pele gye the tum bhi pele jaoge 😂😂

  10. Caruana was lost either way, even if pawn g4 carlsen would have progressed with his pawn eventually to queen promotion.

  11. First like… first view… thank you Sagara bhai…💯💯👍👍❤️

  12. Best chess game..Very inspiring and entertaining Excellent Greetings from your best friend, a traditional Indonesian gold prospector 🇮🇩⚒️⛏️🌺🌺👍👍

  13. knights are very vulnerable of getting traped ….

  14. Sure he gives up, he gave up his World Champion title.

  15. The Caruana's rating is more high then Magnus's rating? Wow!!

  16. The piece adjusting was the best move of the game.

  17. الكيمياء والجيولوجيا للثانويه العامه عبدالله جاد says:

    very strong and useful match thanks

  18. thanks for the analysis at the end . Very enlightening .

  19. Why isn't this commentator playing ??! I think he would do quite well. ! Great voice.

  20. Magnus have OCD, at 2:21 he touched Fabi's pawn to center it 😂😂

  21. ah old game I was thinking how he grew all that hair

  22. Wow good end game, Magnus check first and not pick off the knight.

  23. Hikaru's smile was like saying "don't lose time to carlsen in the End round".

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