Magnus Carlsen ‘Flexes’ the London System | 2019 World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship (Day 2)

On Day 2 of the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship in Moscow, Magnus Carlsen played against Viktor Laznicka in a London System that should not soon be forgotten for its flexibility and practical advantages. IM Danny Rensch analyzes the game in this video.

Check out Magnus’ win over Le Quang Liem:

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  1. When you and robert coming back in the commentory

  2. Danny very nicely explained. Please do more analysis videos.

  3. Wow, I really love your educational commentary Daniel! Keep it up man! ❤

  4. I don't know why people who do game analysis on youtube don't take the time to look at the game with an engine. You missed a bunch of spots where Leznicka missed moves that could have saved him the game. 32…a5, 43…Rb6.

  5. Not gonna lie this game was better analyzed by Daniel than Antonio

  6. It's like watching Messi play football..
    For most of the game you don't really see him play much, he is just completely focusd on looking for an opportunity.. and when he sees one, within a few seconds, he is on it and beautifully dribbles the defenders and scores..

  7. 9:21 b4 is a move I wouldn't dream of playing in a real game, as it makes a committal pawn move in front of the king. Is b4 ok because the center is closed?

    9:44 Why doesn't Nxc5 work out tactically? Nxc5 bxc6 Nxb3 or Nxc5 Qc2 (trying to exploit the pinned knight) b6 both seem to win material for black.

  8. Great commentary, Daniel. I really like when you do stuff like this.

  9. At 10:37 Rb6 wins The white queen. I didn't know why black didn't even try

  10. Danny's analyses are just great! Thank you for this!

  11. Why is it called London system when the game has been around for years prior? That's like saying Mexican rice or American Burger

  12. Danny, you are seriously an incredible teacher. Please keep it up with these kinds of uploads. Thank you!

  13. Wow! Great coverage!

    Thank you for the extra tactic at the end. I was considering what if I were Black and played Qd6 first but b8 wins, then you showed a better move with Rb6 but b8 still wins anyway lol

    Cool game!

  14. Carlsen could easily beat AlphaZero 🤔

  15. How about 43. Rook b6 instead of taking the knight on a7. That would have been a better defense maybe for black?

  16. Danny looking fit. Looking good bud! What are you doing?!

  17. Why don't you use English accent any more 😥

  18. can someone explain to danny how to use the word tempo

  19. HOLY TOLEDO!! Where have you been all my life Danny Rensch?! I loved the breakdown. Absolutely instrumental. you had me at hello. MORE. MORE. MORE.

  20. "Game over red rover send Magnus Carlsen right over" ! Awesome stuff!!

  21. Thanks for a great explanation!

  22. London System is for men with a good connection to their feminine side

  23. I think I just learned the london system over again thank you

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