Magnus Carlsen DESTROYS Hans Niemann BY Sacrificing the Exchange |Blitz Game|

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Online Game
Hans Niemann – Magnus Carlsen
Game Result 0-1

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The time control is 3 minutes for all moves, with no increment.

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  1. For those of you who are wondering this game is played before the drama.

  2. Could've trapped his bishop in the G/H lane in the beginning

  3. My queen sacrifices itself, not my blunder

  4. Funny magnus would have lost his queen because of Kf2.

  5. Too many kidbrains on here. Every 2nd person typing xxxxx speaks for itself then rolling around thinking they’re hilarious. It was worn out weeks ago. It’s getting annoying. Dopey kidbrains.

  6. Guys you have to agree this content is amazing 🙂

  7. My position plays itself at this point 😂😂😂😂

  8. I saw Bxf6 in my sleep. Magnus did that to taunt us.

  9. Thx for the video! Very good game. And bye the way, does anyone know which username is Magnus employing in this game?

  10. The last move is interesting, how can be the white king next to the black queen?

  11. "my position pritty much plays itself"………Magnus stop saying shit that makes us look dumb as shit; I know you cant help it; beyond a certain level its like…. Can we ask the sun to not shine so much? ….Bruh.. Good for you; Im happy for you.

  12. Magnus crushed him in the endgame, as soon as he created the endgame.

  13. I enjoy watching Magnus second guess, then debate with himself. His thought processes are thoroughly entertaining even at this rudimentary level. But I wonder what's really going on deep within that brain.

  14. I like listening when he is calculating out loud. 😊

  15. I love how in almost every game Magnus sees something, gets upset about it, waits for his opponent to find it, then almost chuckles at himself when the opponent just totally misses it

  16. Can someone explain why ke3 first instead of rh1? @4:33 I don't see it

  17. "My position plays itself at this point." Magnus as his best 😀

  18. "This position plays itself from here". Clearly his chess pieces are better than me, because I would have mucked the ending up!

  19. He exchanged a rook like it was a pawn. I would have panicked. His pawn play is ridiculous. World champ absolutely. Magnus speaks for himself 😂😂 I honestly used to really dislike him, no clue why but after he made that assumption I totally think he has balls

  20. I didn't think Magnus would play Hans again but it looks like he enjoys beating him just too much to let the opportunity pass.

  21. Magnus is so good at the end game. It’s also amusing how fast he evaluated the quality sacrifice

  22. magnus getting real confident with "down the exchange" positions. I love it

  23. My Trump card is to automatically move a pawn and openly sacrifice my queen. Works every time

  24. imma sue your ass and accuse you of damages to my career but hey lets play chess……..lmfao

  25. Does chess become boring for those who are so masterful and at the highest tier?

  26. Always pathetic Carlsen… Chess is realky à poor game for psychopath

  27. Hans can't beat him without a butt plug telling him the right moves.

  28. Dear god this man just plays Chess on vibes alone.

  29. Magnus is really a tool when you think about how he acts sometimes

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