Magnus Carlsen DESTROYS Hans Niemann BY Sacrificing the Exchange |Blitz Game|

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Online Game
Hans Niemann – Magnus Carlsen
Game Result 0-1

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The time control is 3 minutes for all moves, with no increment.

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  1. A freaking machine bro. That rook sacrifice was nuts to me but clearly you're the man. Lol

  2. Love when he said "The position plays itself at this point"

  3. "It plays itself", yea sorry for me it's not how it works😅

  4. He is like the Achilles of chess – the way he parries and launches the counterattack – absolutely marvellous!

  5. "The position plays itself"
    –Magnus Trollson

  6. i lvoe it when he says: "my position pretty much plays itself now" and its still mind blowing XD

  7. Ruined your legacy somewhat by being a cry baby … in my opinion.
    So you won a game…did he say you cheated 😆 🤣 😂

  8. Niemann? is that the guy who used Artificial Intelligence against Carlsen? eww. the audacity to cheat. disgusting.

  9. is there a chat function in the game room? something harmless like ggwp ezpz

  10. That was the most excellent use of the King I have ever witnessed! The piece moved like an anticyclonic tornado across the board.

  11. When your endgame is so strong you can just force your opponent there, even if behind, knowing you’ll cover the spread of Rook>Bishop

  12. If Niemann cheats that means that Carlsen also uses ANAL BEADS! :O

  13. Uncle Roger asks: "Where the clock? WHERE THE CLOCK? HAYAAA"

  14. This is a King’s Indian, he subconsciously made a firely developed King’s Indian
    Edit: I believe its the best offensive sequence for black

  15. Magnus still the goat. I know coulda handled it differant. Still tho fluke to me. I don’t see Hans beating magnus ever again.

  16. Speed chess isn't even his top skill. His ELO stronger in traditional chess.

  17. Hans, without a clue: "The chess speaks for itself"
    Magnus: "My position pretty much plays itself"

    I know who means it.

  18. did Niemann just went into endgame with a completly bad pawn structure? lmao xD

  19. This man beat Anatoly Karpov face to face at 13. If he thinks someone cheated to beat him I'm inclined to agree

  20. So Magnus and Hans are playing each other again. Good news indeed for the sport

  21. han's vibrator must have gone haywire for this blitz game.

  22. Played back when Hansfish had more hair than Magnus.

  23. Still, even before all the drama, Time traveling Chess spoke by itself, Hanstock Fishplug is no match ! lol

  24. 4:14 Magnus: "The position plays itself". That must have been Hans Niemann inspiration.

  25. he not only sees the best moves for him but also how he would move if he played the opposite colour as well, 5 stars

  26. Weeeell, he didn't cheat in the end game at least. Probably not enough time to change the positions on Stockfish.

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