Magnus Carlsen Crushes GM Yu Yangyi (2736) In 16 Moves | Blitz Chess Playoff Qatar Chess Master 2015

Magnus Carlsen Crushes GM Yu Yangyi (2736) In 16 Moves | Blitz Chess Playoff Qatar Chess Master 2015


  1. Here’s a PGN if you want to do your own analysis, because this one kinda sucks (not that I could do much better).
    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Nf3?! b6 5. e3 Bb7 6. Bd3 O-O 7. O-O c5 8. Na4 cxd4?! 9. exd4 Re8?! 10. a3 Bf8 11. Bf4 Bxf3 12. Qxf3 Nc6 13. d5? exd5 14. cxd5 Ne5 15. Qd1?? Nxd3 16. Qxd3 Re4! 0-1

  2. Lol. I was wondering why the top view of the chess pieces weren't moving when the players have moved so many pieces. And I saw this tiny box on the left and I'm like "are you for real?" I could honestly care less about the possible moves that they think are great. I just care about the players' actual moves whether they're correct or not. sigh

  3. Why am i watching this when i don't even know how to play chess

  4. The worst commentary possible…please never ever ever provide any commentary on a chess game ever again. The two most annoying guys ever in the history of ever!

  5. In chess I am a moron. I take way too long to calculate, and my ability to spot threats is awful , also I blunder at least once per game.
    my rating of 950 explains this.

  6. I took for me more than one minute to realize that rook can capture either bishop or knight. Carlsen saw all that immediately. Carlsen makes me feel very amateur.

  7. What does the number 2736 after Yu's name mean?

  8. This is a total crap way to present this game!!!! Just watch Agadmator!

  9. Aftet rd4, how about: nxb6, if axb6 then bg5, threatening to take the night on f6 and leave the rook unprotected, if (after nxb6) rxf4 then nxa8. How about that?

  10. The asian fellow spent three long minutes staring at the board before he finally resigned to give up. Who says the asian people aren't emotional?

  11. I love Magnus' look at his blunder, like, "What is this nonsense?!"

  12. so this commentors, really? if all is well known around move 10 how can he's a GM and loses 6 moves after move 10 ? i refuse to believe that a game of chess between 2700+GM''s is done in 6 moves

  13. These guys are so up their asses about their analysis, they are literally talking over each other , 6 moves ahead over moves that dont end up happening.

    So annoying like stfu and let the gms play

  14. Watching this in 0.25x speed is pretty interesting, analysing the game moves, the players body language and also of everyone else in the room.

    One observation though, everyone keeps moving SO much around. It's crazy. It's a game that require maximum focus. If I were the world champion at chess I would require maximum silence wherever I play. Show some respect. If not just add some public instead and let everyone scream for their favorite, right?! Also, when I take an important test/exam, usually there's maximum silence around. I think it's just me, but it's weird.

    Also, the chess community needs to improve its game. Its 2020. Heck, Qatar, you're drowning in money. Make chess more entertaining. Make a special podium or something for world championship players. Make it more mysterious, like a room where all dark and when they go up the stage or something the lights go off and focus only on the board, idk, just do something creative about it. You play it like 200 years ago.

    A pity.

  15. commenters ruin the game and makes me suck

  16. You know what I noticed? All strong players use real boards to think about chess before they become good at online chess.

  17. unfun commentary all around — visually and verbally.

  18. Keep the main game in the big window. No one cares about your anslysis. You didnt play either player after all.

  19. I have to mute, and palm half my phones screen to keep track of WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

  20. How I heard u lost lol just for saying u the best lol yea right lol 😂… but u are get it … long Salute u been zoning waiting now look u getting school lol say thanks lol

  21. ok i just have to say he looks so good in that suit😬🙉

  22. This is my first chess video so lost I was looking at the analysis the whole dam time smh 🤦‍♂️

  23. Well done very good game . hope you show more games!!

  24. Are the commentators paid by the number of words they use? Zzz.

  25. this is the only place where you learn to give up early

  26. Commentators made this experience horrible

  27. good god i didn’t understand anything 😂😂

  28. Somebody should show us pedestrians how the game would have proceeded. Isn´t "checkmate" worth delayed gratification?

  29. I turned off the sound, makes it more interesting (and tolerable!).

  30. Good God stop the blahblahblah already! Idiots!

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