Magnus Carlsen APPLAUDS Hikaru Nakamura in Opening Ceremony of World Rapid Blitz Chess Championship

Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, the two finalists of the thrilling Speed Chess Championship on, are among a star-studded field competing in the World Rapid & Blitz Championship which begins in Almaty, Kazakhstan on December 26.

For the 7th year since 2016, the prestigious speed chess event will take place from December 26-30. While questions about the scheduling of the World Rapid & Blitz during Christmas continue to come up, it remains immensely popular among fans, with most top players returning every year.

Magnus Carlsen, with an incredible 7 gold medals (3 rapid and 4 blitz), 3 silver and 2 bronze in the last 10 years, will be back and is once again the huge favourite. Carlsen took both titles in 2014 and 2019, but scored a disappointing 12th place in the blitz and 3rd in the rapid in Warsaw last year.

The Norwegian will be particularly eager to take back a World Championship title or two, as he is in danger of being without a single title for the first time since 2013.

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  1. Fancy Dolce Gabbana suite vs simple tailored, but branded suite

  2. 1 Minute silence for my Cat , RIP Hakamura 😭😭

  3. What else is he gonna do, boo him? It's a normal and polite thing to do. Pretty dumb video title

  4. They are like two big brothers.The way hikaru took support of magnus and magnus regularly appreciates hikaru, they are real bro.

  5. Hicaroo Hakamura vs Marcus Karsen is the game I'm waiting for

  6. Location looks good… I couldn't spell "venyu"

  7. when does it start playing? thanks for the reply in advance

  8. I am new to chess.
    Who is better between both of em

  9. Guys, I was there, the stadium was full, only these two or three sectors were empty, I guess there was some reason for that.
    Also, I didn't hear they said Hikaru Hakamura, that's hilarious !

  10. It's all hype for TV. There's nobody even in the crowd, or in that room who isn't being paid to be there matter of fact

  11. Still a bigger crowd than any of the AEW shows, lol.

  12. imagine misspelling the worlds best chess players name LOL.

  13. Could someone please tell me Where i can watch this

  14. Lol. They couldn't find hosts who could pronounce names Nakamura and Magnus properly. Hakamura and Marcus is just too funny. Ha ha.

  15. Ohh I can't imagine how they would pronounce nepo's name

  16. That reaction of Hikaru after mentioning Hakamura 😆

  17. Шахмат аса коп карамайм. Бирак казак тилин осы видеода естигенди куаныштымын. Алга Казахстан
    Не знал что в Ате происходит нечто подобное

  18. Hakamura versus Marlsen – should be a great match!

  19. Perhaps it's repetition? Nah, I don't know.

  20. Hikaru Hakamura, I didn't know him until now, but I think he's talented.

  21. was smoking allowed or was there a fog machine? Whats with all the smoke

  22. In other words..another speed chess championship 🏆

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