Look for Better | Blitz Chess #500

This is a 5-minute blitz game I played on Chess.com against GM Pavel Tregubov in the Dec. 7, 2018 Royal Arena Kings. I saw an attractive possibility on move 27, but as Lasker advised, “When you see a good move, look for a better one!”

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  1. Great gameplay and commentary, from one pale white guy to another 😉

  2. Hi John I prefer the UI, sounds, interface, and video layout of the old blitz chess videos on ICC way more. These new ones are too dang long and there's rarely a review of the games any more. Not a huge problem since there's like 300 of the old ones but just saying I've been watching since 2014ish and the live stream format won't age as well as recording good commentated chess.

  3. Came from watching Alexandra Botez, feels nice to watch your style after watching the wild chess that she plays.

  4. So you completely choose to ignore lichess, from where you got all yout recognition … lol…. still love you john!

  5. Great game John. Those sacks around f2 & h2 were cool.

  6. I become a bigger fan by every video of you that I watch! The first thing that I'll do after i get my salary is subscribe to you!! Go for GM! Lots of love from India!

  7. I actually watched your videos back in 2014 or so. I quit chess in 2015 and unsubbed from all the channels I used. I recently built a chess engine and it has gotten me addicted to chess again. You were the first person I resubbed to 🙂

  8. John your attacking skills are definitely underrated. Some of the best I've seen from you has been when you play aggressively and tactically.

  9. Beautiful chess John! ♟ ♥
    Keep on attacking. 😉🔥

  10. Great game, especially the winning attack.

    FYI, you do look tired in the video, John. But I get your point, I have the same problem sometimes.

  11. It's the kind of game I like to analyze with Stockfish afterwards 💥

  12. Beautiful mating attack, John! That was a real pleasure to watch.

  13. What an attack, I would've been lost for ideas in that middle game but you lit it up spectacularly

  14. Is this GM Hikaru? All you need now is to spout off "takes takes takes takes takes" and I would've been convinced!

  15. I have always believed in your attacking prowess!! Despite all those boring endings 😛

  16. How are you not GM beats me
    Your game clearly is on GM level
    gj bruh

  17. I felt that Magnus was touching your soul when you sacked the rook.

  18. At 0:55 after …f6 nice move for white would've been Bxh7. If then … fxg5 then Qg6+, winning back a piece and white is a pawn up and has significant positional advantage

  19. Beautiful game! Some analysis of it would be cool.

  20. Imagine how would've you played if you had been rested.

  21. John, big fan of your videos. Do you still teach? Also curious. Im great with tactics, hit 2400 on chess.com, but I suck with positional play because Ive spent almost no time on it. Where would you recommend I start? Should I memorize openings? Should I not? Keep up the great work. Especially like your puzzle rush and climbing the rating ladder vids.

  22. It's not that we think you can't attack, John–of course not. It's that some of us think you could wield that weapon to great effect more often. Personally, I think you sometimes give your opponents too much credit in rapid games that they will come up with the very best computer moves.

  23. What did the bishop say to the rook?

    Read More

  24. Black with those crazy attacks in the Exchange Slav

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