Live GM Blitz Chess! The HillBilly Attack verses the Caro Karn

In this video I try out the one and only, HillyBilly attack! A very dangerous gambit line against the Caro Karn. I have already studied this line in a video that I did for That video can be seen here – (you may need to be a member). It was a fun game, but something brilliant was missed!

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  1. I want to see more Grobs. Can we have a "the Joy of Grob" series or something?

  2. Glad to see you play the HillBilly, Simon! Great stuff!! How about the Danish or Monkey's Bum some time?

  3. Hey ho play more HillBilly attacks, that was fun.

  4. Simon, Qe5 Nxe5 dxe5 was certainly a glorious mate

  5. If you keep playing these sharp openings, subscribers will come. Very entertaining game!

  6. Oh what fun! I'm totally going to play this when I play e4 again. Speaking of requests, have you done the Halloween Gambit?  Thanks. Your channel is great.

  7. I'm from Kentucky, USA and have yet to see a 'hillbilly' play chess lol 🙂 Great game!

  8. Great video, Simon! I enjoyed your Norway Chess analysis with Kostya too. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. Very nice game and video! Will definitely try this gambit, especially in blitz. I subscribed, so keep 'm coming.

  10. Hey!  I've seen you play against Chessexplained!

  11. You know I saw your video on on the HillyBilly and was playing it in 1 minute and doing well. Haha then I changed my openings. Think I am going back to E4. Keep those French and Dutch games coming too (fellow e6 player myself.)

  12. Hi psycho cowboy. I just discovered your channel and subscribed! great vid, glad i found your channel

  13. I suggest an improvement. After 4…Nh6 was played, Simon Williams says, "Normally they go …Nf6, I go Qh4." Personally after 4…Nf6, I'd play 5. Qxf7, which looks more 'freatening' to me :), but what do I know, I'm not a grand disaster. A great defeat of Paranoid, of whom GM Williams says, "Is from my fellow town of Britain". I would also like to visit the town of Britain one day… Jokes aside, an exciting delivery of an intriguing opening, very good, Ginger GM :D!

  14. Так прикольно расстраивается из-за того что Фе5 не увидел 🙂

  15. You missed Qe5+ Nxe5 dxe5#! Also after Qe2 and your opponent played something, you didn't need to play f3, you could play Nxe4 simply winning a pawn and you would be up a pawn. Also, after your opponent played Nd5, you could have played Bxd5 cxd5 and Nb5 or you could have played Nxd5 cxd5 and c4 is interesting, but Qe3 was good.

  16. nice novelty for blitz and rapid games!!! thank you! Simon Williams ! for this brilliant idea!

  17. bwahaha. stockfish doesn't know how to respond. serves the fucker right.

  18. all seriousness though. stuff like this makes me love the game for it is about sheer domination and murderous personified pieces.

  19. Really wanted to see Qe5 at the six minute mark… NxE5, PxE5 Mate.

  20. I actually did this opening against the Caro Karn by complete accident. I used it against a level 7 computer (I haven't played chess in a while, so I decided to try to go up the computer levels before I get back into online games.), however it didn't end that well seeing how I am not use to fighting against the Caro Karn.

  21. Read your article on this..working well in 5 min games. Even though I am misplaying it. Rating 1950. Tantalizingly close to the 2000,

  22. I mean you're a GM and you don't even see a mate in 2? Instead of Be5 in game 1, just Qe5+ and dxe5 mate. It took me like 10 seconds to spot that, and I'm about 2100.

  23. whut? if they play Nf6 in the opening what would stop Qf7?

  24. I think Heisman calls this kind of playing chess "Hope Chess", a very bad attitude. Basically this is when you play very dubious moves or even blunders, and you know that if your opponent would find the best move you would be worse or lose, but you claim that your opponent won't find the best answer, so you hope you will win that way. I don't think this is a funny way to play chess. It's stupid and ridiculous. How would the response to this video would have been if Black would have played the best moves in the opening? Then the comments would probably laugh at the White player for playing "Hope Chess".

  25. If a GM plays this opening he does this for getting attention at all costs. Someone wanting to get attention at all costs normally needs to see a psychiatrist.

  26. The hillbilly attack is not a surprise line. I always play the Caro-Kann and almost every time my opponent goes for the hillbilly attack. It never works on me.

  27. Questo gambetto l'ho ideato io nel 1972 e giocato per la prima volta in un caffè del mio paese Anghiari ( Arezzo) ITALY contro lo svizzero Dieter – Keller che veniva ad Anghiari d'estate nel 1974 poi giocato per corrispondenza di un torneo dell'Italia Scacchistica 1984 nella partita Gaggiottini M – Caffa pubblicata sulla medesima rivista!! Riportata anche a pagina 4 sull ' Enciclopedia of chess games 1e4 c6 Caro Kan Schmidt Scahc 1977 in fede Gaggiottini M Italia. Gambetto Anghiarese – Anghiari Gambit.

  28. what an incredibly irritating commentator/player! coul;dn't watch the whole thing, though i wanna learn more about the Hillbilly…..

  29. 0:48 is this a joke? Why would you go Qh4 in response to Nf6 when you can Qxf7?

  30. Is he going to survive this? That would be most unfair! You brits are just hilarious …

  31. At lower ratings 0-800 hillbilly attack is somewhat common if you play cc regularly

  32. You started the video saying you like Paranoid's username especially given the current cheating allegations. I checked the date of this video and it's 7 years ago. Hilarious how that sentence is literally relevant today, in the biggest cheating allegation of chess history

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