LIVE GM Blitz chess! #34 The Bongcloud 1 e4 2 Ke2

Hmmm not sure we will see this opening in the next World Championship Cycle…

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  1. So here I am looking for a sensible way to follow 1. e4 e5 2. Ke2… And now I'm absolutely shitting myself! Very funny video, thank you!

  2. I hope we'll see you as the wildcard entry for the London Chess Classic! Really love the ideas, both very fun as well as instructional — ok, maybe this one a little less of the latter

  3. awesome stuff! Just shared this with reddit. This channel needs to be seen!

  4. The title made me imagine you taking a bong rip before playing a game, as opposed to drinking wine 🙂 Where does the name come from? Some stoned GMs thought it would be funny, perhaps? haha

  5. "That was so good it made me cough!" omg You are my favorite GM Mr. Williams!

  6. "What's good about me position?"

    How about an active king on f3?

    And I think that 1. f3 2. Kf2 is called Fried Fox…

  7. Pls. do the Crab Opening 1.h4 2.a4!! Good luck @ the upcoming tournament XD

  8. LoL, love the singing, mix it up with some dancing would be "Epic"!!

  9. Hey, Simon, can you play the Sicilian Najdorf Adams Attack next please? Thanks

  10. f3 Kf2 is also called the Hammerschlag.and the Pork Chop opening.

  11. You should make a video going over that game you mentioned at the end!

  12. I'd be happy with more grobs. All grobs. All the time.

  13. The rarely played opening line mentioned by GM Williams having the initial moves
    1. f3 e5; 2. Kf2 d5 is known as the Modern Bongcloud not to be confused with the Hypermodern Bongcloud which we will not discuss here.

    In all lines of the Classical  Bongcloud Complex we see the characteristic "Hendrix King" maneuver on white's second move, except in the case of the rarely played Bongcloud Deferred line where black plays the thematic 2… Ke7 securing the e8 square for the black queen for an eventual Kd8 and black aims to maintain control of the back rank while white aims to develop normally with 3. Ke1….with drawing chances.
    (Yikes! I may have read too many opening manuals)

  14. Great opening as long as your opponent blunders!

  15. No need to create a new DVD, the infamous and deadly "Bongcloud" has already been thoroughly analyzed
    Included in this work of literary art is commentary on my favorite variation, the "Marijanezy Bind", in which after 1. e4 e5 2. Ke2! Ke7? 3. g4 g5 4. Kf3!, black will actually need to take a very long slow bong hit in order the calm his nerves in preparation for the coming onslaught by white and his dynamically placed king.

  16. You should always include a BE (=blunder expected) at the end of the name of any openings which expect your opponent to blunder at some point in order to win. So in this case, it should be Bongcloud BE opening

  17. 1.f3 – 2.Kf2 is what we call Afri-can

    it was "created" in the late 90ties by me and a few chess collegues. Mayhaps elsewhere also naturally :). We brought it to another level, even publishing a pamplet on it. It became vastly popular locally as a blitz weapon locally as the king sits quite nicely on f2, g2, and the f-pawn support the center break and even on g2 the f-file can become great with the f-pawn swapping for a center pawn. Also it is quite often that your opponent overextends in order to punish this move. Also it throws your opponent way off and has its own set of pawn structure and patterns that you can familiarize with. Best regards Kris

  18. it's ok if you don't inhale, so they say 🙂

  19. The king is in a fantastically active position for the endgame on f3, so stop whining ;-). Wouldn't it be awesome if Karjakin throws this out in the first game against Carlsen?

  20. Hey Simon, your videos are among the most interesting chess videos I have ever seen. You have actually inspired me to try the bongcloud for myself. After some very excited games along with losing some rating points, I was successfully able to play the indestructible bongcloud defense. I personally recommend it as a universal opening for black. I'd love to see you try the greatest defense ever invented. Thanks for the videos!

  21. Why say "which you dont do btw" unless you don't? I wish more chess players (like maybe at least ONE) would stand up for legalization and against the devastating effects of the Drug War. The prohibition of cannabis is equally if not exponentially worse than alcohol prohibition. At least several states (in US) are medical now and full legalization is coming in a few states. But I think it helped the cause when Michael Phelps was revealed to smoke, it helped when Arnold, the guy who was World Champion of weight lifting (whatever the title is called), whod spit out a drink if it had sugar in it, who cared so much about diet, but even he smoked. It's the healthiest commonly used psychoactive substance by far, even healthier than coffee and tea, in terms of neurotoxicity or OD potential.

    People are recognizing rapidly the big lie, and are quickly realizing that it needs to be legal again, like it was for most of human history. Maybe im greedy in wishing even more would be open about it, or stand up for the good cause.

    But if you really dont smoke then itd be crazy to say u did just to help such a cause. So i guess this is an irrelevant complaint, save for the name of the opening. Carry on.

  22. Anyone know where the Bongcloud originated? I think it was lichess, possibly.

  23. Here's where the ''We like that alot'' line comes from .. lol xD

  24. This whole video made me lol! x And you won! Bloomin' brilliant x

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