LIVE GM Blitz Chess! #16 The English Defence – Part 1

A subscriber to my you tube channel (thanks mate!), requested that I try out the English Defence. An opening made popular by English Grandmasters in the 70’s. Including Tony Miles, Raymond Keene, Speelman to name but a few. My opponent in this game was a Danish GM by the name of Glud. Check out the game to see what happens!


  1. Thank you! I was looking for videos involving this position, want to take out one of my friends who starts 1.c4 every game 🙂

  2. Very interesting opening. Has all the essence of the dutch, but with a totally different approach…

  3. How about trying out the classic King's Gambit?

  4. Try some Caro once in a while (please), is an opposite opening for your style, but would be interesting. I´ll watch whatever opening really, your vids are nice, thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks for playing the opening I suggested. Your channel is great and you will have a lot of viewers in no time.

  6. How do you play if after e6 opponent moves to London

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