Live Blitz Chess Mastery 👌 with Super GM Daniel Naroditsky!

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Blitz – it’s chess, Jim, but not as we know it! The rules are the same but that loudly ticking clock adds a new dimension. No time to calculate, wins can turn into losses in 1 move but we don’t resign – only mate or the clock can decide.

So what’s the best way to win at blitz chess? Get valuable insights into the best blitz chess practices with Super GM and former prodigy Daniel Naroditsky (FIDE 2647).

A self-confessed “blitz addict”, Daniel Naroditsky mixes live games with his thoughts on how to mix things up and tilt the odds in your favor.

You’ll get to see a beautiful defensive rook move in the first game against 2700+ Super GM Liem Le Quang and discover why Daniel Naroditsky switches from his usual positional style to all-out attack mode when playing blitz.

Plus hear which world champion hated blitz (and why) and which of his successors really recommends playing at these quicker time controls.

Whether you’re here for tips on pumping up your blitz rating, insights into rapid decision-making or just want to watch some great attacking chess, Daniel’s got you covered. Enjoy!

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  1. Daniel recently ran into a young man with the name of Fong. Can't remember the exact score, but let's just say Daniel Fong'd Fong.

  2. Love your highly aggressive style in blitz. Win or lose, it leads to more intruiging games.

  3. I've been playing far longer than GM Naroditsky has been alive and I'm frustrated because evaluating fast simply doesn't happen for me even though I've played more blitz than anything else. At 10-minute (rapid) my rating is well-established at nearly 1900, but at 5-minute blitz, I can barely stay in the 1500s. It was only after I switched from 5-minute to 5/3 that my blitz rating went up fairly quickly to 1700, but I have peaked at that level and keep making moves that do not reflect my accumulated understanding of chess; instead, my moves in blitz seem reflexive and motivated out of panic. Is it common to have such a consistent difference in rating between blitz and rapid? What is a strategy to reduce the time it takes to find acceptable moves?

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