LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #226: Benoni Defense


This is a blitz chess game I played against a random opponent who was selected from the ChessNetwork Cafe on ChessCube. The game was livestreamed at . Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player.

Opening: Benoni Defense


  1. The content u give us everytime is so great.
    You can learn something from every video, even if it's just"dont do mouseslips" 😀

  2. 'like' before watching because every video you make is good! haha

  3. I quit chess today. and I'm still watching these videos.

  4. Mato doesn´t play online… Also he is not playing seriously, since he doesn´t have a master title. Wich jerry does. Don´t start a flame war bro.

  5. At 7:01, He gave you the Knight because he was worried about pawn d6 ^_& Hitting the Queen and you take the Bishop 🙂

  6. Jerry reminds we are not perfect after all. Nice video lesson about keeping the tension.

  7. Jerry I'm curious to know why you've called this match a Benoni Defense opening. Doesn't 3.g3 signify some sort of Catalan Opening?

  8. Yes, he is a National Master. I believe 22+.

  9. He really is…great commentary and a fun chess player to watch!

  10. True. How is it possible a NM like Jerry completly missed that? d6 was the move I expected too. Already after black moved to g4 with the knight.

  11. It's good to see you playing higher rated players.

  12. 1.d6 Qe8 2.Bxb7 Ra7 3.Bd5 (or Bg2, Bf3, Be4)

  13. Jerry I missed another live stream :(! Thanks for posting this!

  14. Jerry, am I taking this right you don't post each of your streams on YT? If so then it's such a loss for the chess players community. Cause your games are not only extremely entertaining but educating as well, and are second to none of those, who shower YT with their chess vids. Seriously.

  15. Yeah chesscube ratings are some of the most inflated.

  16. He never neglected to play high rated players, he just plays whoever guesses the number he's thinking correctly, it just so happened that a high rated player guessed it this time.

  17. @MissPielops I know the process of how he does it, but after watching Chessexplained and kingscrusher, it would be nice for Jerry to play some grandmasters. 🙂

  18. I kept watching the video
    and yet again
    07:04, d6? 😀

  19. You should play against WIll Stewart from OnlineChesslessons xD

  20. i don't know the first 2 questions exactly, but there is a commentated game of him vs a GM here on this channel which he says was his first ever win against a grandmaster in tournament conditions. that may or may not imply that he has done so again since.

  21. I just wanted to say this, thank you Jerry. You have brought me from level 700 on to level 1100. It might not look too spectacular, but it's a big leap ahead. (That all in less than 3 months!) You are the best chess-commentator on Youtube in my opinion, and again, thank you.

  22. I believe he is about 2200-2300. I don't know if he has ever beaten an IM or GM over the board or in tourneys. But he does beat them online in shorter games sometimes.

  23. I am up to 1367 from 800 in five months

  24. 10:35 what is it that sounds like "theme ghettoing"? Tried googling it but the spelling must be horribly wrong. 😀 I think it may mean like g6 and Bg7.

  25. I believe what you are talking about it a Fianchetto. Its where you place a bishop on the long diagonal via the 2nd or 7th rank from it's home square. More information on Wiki.

  26. Yes that's it, thanks a lot Aaron! Somewhat close but no wonder Google results were pretty poor.

  27. jerry how long have you been playing for? i'm on 1200 but can't seem to improve. 2800 is a ridiculous online rating. good for you man.

  28. started watcing your videos and over the weekend i went from 980 to 1130 blitz rating…….in just 2 days

  29. ok im pretty new to chess so this could just be completely wrong but seeing what mastaof said im pretty sure you coulda played d6 at 7:45 too to win back the bishop

  30. @7:45-49 good, i'm pretty suure! "sooo sexy!"

  31. I think the reason he didn't take the knight was cause of @7:00: d6 causes a discovery onto the bishop on b7 I think he wanted to keep bishop over that knight. Idunno tho I'm pretty bad at chess .

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