LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #108: King’s Gambit Accepted


This is a blitz chess game I played against a random opponent selected from the ChessNetwork Cafe on ChessCube while livestreaming on .

Opening: King’s Gambit Accepted


  1. He did this on purpose – I believe it's because he wants to upload them to Youtube, and perhaps because Youtube makes more ad revenue (not quite sure on that part, but I know he did it on purpose).

  2. I think they're mistenly calling it the Bishop's Gambit as 3. Bc4 it is actually the line Bobby Fischer use to play, where what usually happens is Qh4+ and then white moves Kf1. Of coarse there is no gambit of the bishop just because of the move 3. Bc4, which is why I think they're mistakenly calling it that.

  3. I have a question. Is there a faster way to rank up on chesscube than seeking players? I just want to get to rank 20 so I can join chessnetwork cafe while the livestream is going on.

  4. Jerry must be going nuts with all these various demands in the top comments of every video. "play stronger opponents!", "video of thunderhorse please", "teach me how to play I'm 1300", "more classic games!", "more chesscube tournaments!", "GRANOLA GAMBIT PLS", "give us your picture jerry!", "y u palying noobs jerry??1" etc. 😀

  5. Yes but Qh4+ isn't considered to be the best move agaisnt Bc4, but before engines existed it was a popular move.

  6. No, it's correct. Your reasoning is also a bit flawed; King's Gambit isn't a gambit of the king, so why would Bishop's Gambit be a gambit of the bishop?

  7. I see your point. I suppose if you have to give 3. Bc4 a name, that one works well enough.

  8. They made a very bad joke because there is no way to make a forced checkmate after 2 moves in any correctly played opening.

  9. This chessnetwork guy made this level restriction exactly for this purpose, to make sure people play some games first and get a chesscube rating. Apparently he doesn't approve of playing with newcomers of unknown strength or the same people on other accounts etc. Quite a cunning idea. Thus I doubt there is a faster way to get there than play, play, play…

  10. I don't know if it still works, but quite some months ago, when Chesscube introduced all their level requirements and stuff you could get exp by adding a new friend, even if you already added them. So people would add a friend, then remove them and add them again, repeating until the desired exp level.

  11. No one said anything about a forced mate, especially not after 2 moves…
    "Solved" Doesn't mean forced mate

  12. Solved game must lead to checkmate, so that everybody even a complete novice could replay the moves and checkmate a world champion. If it doesn't force a checkmate it's not a guarranteed win, so it's not solved.

  13. Every winning position eventually leads to mate, so? That doesn't mean the position is played out until there is a checkmate.
    "Solving" an opening means that it is a forced win for one of the sides, which is what someone here said the KG is for black, though this is not yet true, the KG is still very much alive.

  14. Oh, and remember that King's Gambit is just 1.e4 e5 2.f4 and after those 2 moves black cannot force anything that could lead to checkmate even if he started to walk on his eyelashes 😀

  15. Most online chess players play until the game is a win or a draw. Every theoretically winning position can be spoiled until there is a forced checkmate continuation. Let a novice play and tell him that some computer solved this opening. Will the amateur win because it was already solved? No way. "Solving an opening" as you explain here is a word abuse, made probably by some troll to laugh at naive people. It's only a theoretical abstract idea asolutely useless for an average chess player.

  16. What are you talking about? Of course an average player won't stop (or forcibly win) a solved opening, they can't possibly remember all the moves, especially because the opponent can deviate, the moves tree is just too big.
    "Word abuse made by some troll to laugh at naive people"? What? I'm not sure you understand chess terminology my friend, A solved opening means that perfect play from both sides eventually leads to win for one of them.

  17. Yes, there could be. It's just complex as shit.

  18. So maybe in the whole world only Fischer and Capablanca (if they could travel in time) or Kasparov if he wonderfully came back to his peak form could use this knowledge to eventually solve this opening themselves? Or maybe it would be too complex even for them? Too many maybes… But at the end of the day, what those champions would need such "solution" for if they could solve it on their own without any help? It's all science fiction theory. It could make a good movie though 🙂

  19. Don't be so shocked my friend. Yes, I don't understand this kind of chess terminology created for computers that play without errors, because chess is human game invented by humans rather than computers, and humans do make mistakes. And it's not a secret that computer plays better chess than a man thus the whole idea of solved opening is bullshit in reality.

  20. At 9:13 what about Qg3 threatening Rxf6 and Qxc7?

  21. 11:00 You're not way off at all! There is a game that Aaron Nimzovich's dad played. It's in the old print of My System as I think the first game they use. It's an game where the Knight on F3 gets sacrificed, and White mates Black with a Queen sacrifice, followed by a pawn push. I can write the notation out if anyone's interested. I've got the game memorized. 0_o

  22. I would have loved to see Jerry in the 2. ..Qh4+ continuation instead of 2. ..d6

  23. What does 'being solved' mean in this case? I'm foreign so I don't understand it quite well

  24. Nothing. It was winning a piece at least!! 🙂 Blitz is hard to play!!!

  25. 11:20 sacking the knight after castling is called the muzio gambit. putting huge pressure om f-file

  26. Unless of course his opponent moves his king… then it is not double check.

  27. I'm only around 1200 but the KGA is my main line as white in 5 min blitz. I like to play Nf3 before Bc4 to prevent ..Qh4#. My only criticism with the way you played it is I would have liked to see a sac on f7 before black could get castled.

  28. 0:35 Queen H4 and you are dead buddy or am i missing something ???

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