LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #1: King’s Indian


Opening: King’s Indian
This is a LIVE blitz game. Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player.

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  1. this was an awesome game, you think so quickly on you feet man.

  2. hey jerry. im a new player taking interest into chess. I'm also a pro poker player. My chess rating is rather low at 1350. Any tips oa good opening for white? My black play is decent. thanks

  3. @vyle379 Search: "10 ways to improve your chess". It's a video I posted to youtube awhile ago. Might be worth the time to view it. 🙂

  4. who care that you are a pro poker player? You don't need a poker face in chess

  5. point being that poker is a tatic and skill game as well. Don't hate

  6. 5:12 … "My rook will have some pieces in mind…" Nom NOm 🙂 Hungry rook is good rook ahah Jerry you are simply awesome 😀

  7. Jerry just letting you know that i am starting my third viewthrough on all your 1vs1
    probably not the last

  8. Great! I hope you benefit from doing that. 🙂

  9. i don't know if anyone has told you,
    but besides being very entertaining, you are also an extremely good teacher 😉

  10. Okey, wish me a good luck I am going to watch all these clips one by one from the very beginning!

  11. Count me in too!  I'm about to go on a huge ChessNetwork video watching spree!

  12. Early on, time was aaaall you had also haha cheers

  13. Usually highly analytical people aren't NEAR this articulate.

  14. I'm glad YouTube recommended this to me! It's awesome to go back and remember the progression your videos have taken. You've always held the same style in explanations. I'm sure that ability to really talk through a position is greatly appreciated by your audience. I surely appreciate it, myself!

  15. Excellent videos! Not only do I learn more about the opening I also pick up a lot of important key principles. Was wondering if you could do some scotch game vids for white, preferably the line with 5.Nb3? Thank you

  16. Might as well start at the beginning…

  17. I love your style in explaining positions and thoughts behind the game. Despite this video being so old, it is still timeless in the way you explain yourself.

  18. What a lucky dog (even though this means nothing without being prepared lol)

  19. Jerry, I think Nxb6 was working in a few instances

  20. I'm so glad I finally got around to starting this playlist!
    You're awesome Jerry! 😀

  21. I guess winning by burning up time is, as early European players might have said, a “dishonourable” way to win; on the other hand, you are good at rushed endgames, and there are ways and ways of “outplaying” the opponent.

  22. Let’s go on the journey through this series! I’ll end it by the end of 2020 😂

  23. I like this game even I watch it in 2019, thank you

  24. When boot took whites rook with his that was a mistake because you promoted his pawn
    On move 47 boots rook blundered when he moved it to b3 a better one was to check your king
    On move 51 your better move instead of moving to the rook you should move to g2 because you can hide behind pawns
    After that he blundered when he moved his pawn to c3 because it was a mate in 3 which you spotted

    well played

  25. These videos are still like gems. Thank you master, for make more people to love this game.

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