LIVE Blitz Chess: “Bullet Brawls” | Part 60!

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International Master Rensch faces off against a now regular opponent for Bullet Brawl Thursdays, and after winning the first game despite having a completely lost position, Danny realizes he might be in the head of his opponent and continues to bring the heat for the remainder of the games!


  1. It's too bad people don';t really do this much on live boards.  I found "hand blocking" to be an effective technique though lol

  2. Chess is awesome by itself but with Danny commentating his own live game it's totally legendary 

  3. Now look at that, though its friday Danny is back!

  4. "Well wouldn't you say that that was a monkey's uncle and a bucket full of bananaheads… Again, this is the 2-year-old talking, I don't know what goes on… I wish I could say weird things that make no sense and everyone would laugh and say you're adorable too like they do to my 2-year-old"


  5. I feel robbed when you win every game because then you play fewer games. You should throw a couple of them to tease him.

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