Levy, Is That Pawn Free??


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  1. Is it free, though? What worried me is it puts the knight in an undefended position into an xray with the rook. That means a double attack by moving the knight could be there. Sure enough, Nxe5 weakens the e4 square which lets the knight double attack the queen and the knight. But it’s not over there, I’m looking to see if there’s a counterattack that either uses the knight to threaten his queen too or threaten a minor piece with the queen but no such threat exists. Do not take that pawn. You’ll lose the knight even if you take two pawns on your way out.

    Am I missing something? I’m still learning.

  2. If Ke5 we have the devastating Kd4 attacking the queen and discover attack on the knight

  3. Levy needs someone to roast . If he finds none , he will start roasting himself 😐. Anna did not say a single word .

  4. If he took the pawn, wouldn’t black’s knight just move to d4 to attack the queen while revealing the rook’s attack on the knight that took the pawn? And I don’t see a way to save both the knight and the queen

  5. For those who don’t know If knight takes Qd4 forks the knight and one of the unconnected rooks

  6. "What are we watching, subbattle!?" killed me lmao😂😂

  7. Why do most of the comments say it is actually free? I think after Nxe5 there's Nd4, attacking both the queen and your knight on e5. But idk

  8. Me an 1100 instantly seeing why it isn’t free lol

  9. If black pays Kd4 after white plays Ke5 then the black knight is threatening to capture the queen whilst the Rook on E8 is attacking the white knight (which is now on E5). Although it may seem like a free pawn it loses a knight.
    Alternatively, if white plays Ke5 then black can play Qd4, attacking the rook. The knight is protecting the d4 square preventing this.

  10. It is a free pawn unless someone wants to waste their time and explain to a hopeless low level chess player like me why it isn't.

  11. Only free for black. IM can't see 1 move tactics? Nxe5 Nd4 on both moves.

  12. Levy is not funny. Actually a depressing person

  13. Why is this dude commentating on GMs games?😂 he always looks dumb doing it.

  14. QD4 after knight captures. Loose knight or Rook, your choice.

  15. Love how levy makes sure to humble himself before critiquing other people’s games 😂 humble for sure

  16. Nxe5, Nf4 just straight up loses the knight….

  17. I think he's checking if the player is stream sniping.

  18. He knew his fate without knowing his fate. 😂

  19. The best part is that Hikaru does not even bother to give any commentary or explain why the pawn is, in fact, not free

  20. This short is posted by GMHikaru, so really he is just trolling Levy who only thought taking the pawn had no immediate consequences

  21. If the knight takes the juicer on e5, then black's pony goes to the f4 square, attacking the queen, with a discovered attack on the e5 knight. Black wins a minor piece for a pawn.

  22. I would like to know how it's not free I'm low ello I can take comments

  23. And people ask why Levy is not a GM 😂 the question is how on earth did he managed to get an M title at all 😂😂 if Naka doesn't take an unprotected pawn you don't assume he missed it, you have to assume he saw something you didn't. Not to mention it wasn't a mad 10 move combination but a simple fork in the next move 😅😅 Levy… Stick to roast 1000 players and you should be fine 😂😂😂

  24. There is reason why levy is IM and hikaru is GM.

  25. There are many winning moves if Hikaru were to blunder and take that pawn .. lmao, just use the engine, Levy – that's embarrassing

  26. As a noob I see Nxe5 Nd4 forking the queen, the knight and preparing a fork, I don’t know what Levi, an IM, sees but that doesn’t seem like a free pawn to me

  27. Knight takes e5 then knight f4 attacks the queen – forcing the queen to move. After thay rook takes knight at e5

  28. Dude's a bum. So tired of seeing this quitter in my feed despite "do not recommend channel."

    Hikaru has Botez Gambited him so many times I've lost count. Just shut it.

  29. 😂😂😂 Take it if you dare

  30. For those who are wondering, Nxe5 leads to Nf4 which is a fork for the knight by the rook on e8 and attacks the queen with the knight, correct me if i am srong otherwise gotham that's why gotham is an IM

  31. The pawn is a poisoned apple.
    Nxe5 Nd4 attacking the knight and the queen

  32. The pawn is a poisoned apple.
    Nxe5 Nd4 attacking the knight and the queen

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