Levon Aronian vs Arjun Erigaisi | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2021 Armageddon

The Levon Aronian – Arjun Erigaisi saga started this past summer at Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Goldmoney Asian Rapid. After the last round face-off in the Tata Steel Chess India 2021 Rapid saw Arjun emerge victorious, can he repeat the same and win the Blitz to tie the same feat as Magnus? Find out in this Armageddon.

Armageddon is the ultimate form of tie-breaks in chess where White gets 5 minutes and Black gets 4 minutes. White must win the game to win the match, whereas Black can draw also to win Armageddon. There is no increment.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. @ 5:11 arjun should have moved the pawn, instead of picking it.

  2. I really like Levon he is so calm and humble

  3. Linda partida. Aronian es un super genio. Gracias y Viva el Ajedrez

  4. It's just so nice of Levon to praise and discuss with Arjun so deeply after the game

  5. So nice it is for Arjun he got so much experience this tournament😇😇Lev such a nice person

  6. Arjun you won the hearts champ.stay blessed 😊

  7. Levon after winning :- "you were the better player " . Humble champ .

  8. Levon is such a gentleman, without even hesitation he said Arjun was better player in first two games, shows his class. ❤️

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