le trap


  1. 3 thing: Nd5 is completely winning for blackEven Re1 isn't win because d5! exd6 (e.p.) f5!-+And after take the rook, it's still not losing for black i thnik

  2. A man has fell into le trap. build the rescue helicopter

  3. As the queen I can confirm this is very cheeky frank

  4. the instant jaw drop he does when he takes the rook with the queen 😂😂😂

  5. Ya but frank lost the game even though he was up a rook and played very badly like he needs a another lesson from levy rozman again

  6. Frank is almost as good in french as in chess🤩😱

  7. As a trap I can confirm the poor soul fell into me….

  8. This is the game where Frank blundered a one move checkmate but the opponent did not see it and the blundered his queen twice and the opponent did not see it the first time. The second queen blunder by frank was noticed by the opponent and frank promptly resigned. 3 massive blunders in one game. Still love Frank though.

  9. And you still lost the the game by blundering your queen and resign 💀

  10. And frank went to lose the game

  11. Frank is still going for cheap tricks I thought Levi told him to stop

  12. Frank do you make these shorts or someone else

  13. bro invented a new way of pronouncing "le" :skull:

  14. Frank really do be speaking that 1. e4 e6

  15. how does bro get coached by gotham but is worse than me and im twelve looooool haha

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