King Salman World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2019 | Closing Ceremony |


  1. i wAS the first one to comment so i win ::P

  2. Vlad in 3rd place podium is as tall as Magnus in the first podium(whos in no means a short guy) and taller than hikaru in 2nd place podium😂

  3. Goosebumps every time I hear the Indian National Anthem play for ppl who make us proud to be Indians

  4. The Norwegian anthem sounds like Deck the Halls. Rather fitting in this context.

  5. Big Vlad is back in the game

  6. Thanks for the 2 dramatic tournaments! Congrats to Magnus and all the players!

  7. why didnt carlsen shook hands with naka and kramnik

  8. 34:00 Russia really didn't have anyone but Alekseenko and still put him as the Wildcard, instead of a stronger GM. Can't blame em, but in the Candidates, having a 2700 is nothing lol

  9. If Kramnik had finished 2nd (Silver Medal), I bet you he would have stood taller then Magnus on the Podium.

  10. Why The women don t have that legitimations with their chess Informations on their necks?

  11. @27.25 magnus has 2 trophies and hikaru is empty handed feels bad.

  12. প্রো মকামাছ ওয়াই টী says:

    proud moment

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