Kasparov Vs Short – Blitz Chess Game 7

Chess Super-Grandmasters and longtime rivals Gary Kasparov and Nigel Short engage in an exciting high level exhibition match of Blitz Chess. This is the 7th of the 8 game series that took place at Belgium in October of 2011. It was 18 years ago that they battled it out for the World Chess Championship. Commentary by Grandmaster Genna Sosonko.

Thanks to my dear friend LuxusOhr for making and gifting me this video. I await your return, brother.


  1. this is so dumb stupid boring and fucking stupid people

  2. The animated board is wrong, isn't it? At 4:10 you can see the pawn doing an impossible move

  3. İndiyə kimi belə oyun görməmişdim…Çoc maraqlı idi..

  4. They squirm as if they both ate overly-exotic indian food and really need to paint the restroom toilets, but the game is too intense, and they must finish!

  5. the game between karpov vs miles is not a polish opening, miles used the st. george opening

  6. Piles must be a huge distraction, when playing high end chess….

  7. This is not the Polish opening this is the St George as used by Tony Miles to beat Karpov

  8. kasparov vs short was like Michael Jordan versus tony parker.

  9. To increase the entertainment value of spectator chess, the contestants will play while sitting on red hot chairs. As a bonus attraction, the commentator is located in another time zone. Enjoy!

  10. Should just be a silent video…the commentary is horrible I can't understand a work he is saying

  11. love this game played with red hot chairs…..

  12. kasparov is the best chess player ever. but the best blitz player is magnus.

  13. I could not understand whether I can explain one of the last game ?

  14. The commentator is so boring that he's funny.

  15. If you mute this video and youtube the DAS BOOT soundtrack, playing at the same time, it all makes sense

  16. Neither of these players know what they're doing. You can tell in the first five seconds they are amateurs. I beat Kasparov but he still denies it to this day.

  17. The commentator reminds me of Bill Alexander

  18. Whats that move at 4:10? How did the black pawn kill the white pawn in the same rank and move one rank ahead?

  19. Why exactly Kasparov lost ? Can anybody explain me that…?

  20. The uncomfortable chairs are only things that can stop Kasparov

  21. Who is won/sopo sing menang????????!!

  22. لزق اللوحه ههههههه لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله

  23. Why they flip the board? Obviously we can see who's white and who's black.

  24. After this game they both ran straight to the restroom , and took a massive shit!💩

  25. Most unorthodox game i have ever seen in chess.

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