Karpov – Mamedyarov Wch blitz 2007


  1. karpov doesnt play to win, he plays not to lose. thank god for attackers like fischer and kasparov.

  2. @xiangyik i am an A player (1870) the truth is some players are more content with a draw than other players. that is a fact. karpov and petrosian are classic examples of this. fischer was the opposite. I prefer the latter

  3. There are positions in chess that called draw positions. Play it or do not play it, it is a draw in any case. As the position in the video. I did not learn Fischer's matches, but I suppose that he did not have good enough knowledge of endings theory to recognize draw positions and win positions, and played any position until the end.

  4. Well I guess there was no win of a good bishop versus bad bishop in this position. If there was, I'm pretty sure Karpov would have found it. Probably due to the presence of the rooks.

  5. Mamedyarov made so many illegal moves. Thanks to Karpov he did not appeal to referee. Karpov is

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