Karjakin-Carlsen, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game is from the 14th round of the World Blitz Chess Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.


  1. Karjakin will be a strong opponent for Carlsen. Do u agree?

  2. That was 2012 Karjakin is Much stronger now and is not afraid of Carlsen.Can't wait until Rapid Tiebreaks Wed!!

  3. просто перещелкал на классе малыш…

  4. When carlsen move the pawn to a3……

  5. Смотрю на волосы игроков, возникает вопрос. Это правильное питание или стилист? (Я про Карлсена)

  6. Позиционно Карякин был лучше. Потом пошли размены и приплыли

  7. круто он коня отжал, одним офицером заблокировал его

  8. Объясните, тупому идиоту, если они пожали друг другу руку, это что значит, ничья??

  9. Надо было Сd4 вместо Ca5.

  10. 8:21 Smart of Carlsen to not press the clock and Karjakin got no time increment

  11. How both Karjakin and Carsen lose the Queen so fast like that???.

  12. не блестящая игра в дебюте у карлсена, в миттельшпиле и эндшпиле у сергея.

  13. 3 minutes is a long time for these GrandMasters to think the next move…for me,I'm fed up..

  14. 8:48 Karjakin (white pieces) could've moved his bishop to the dark square where the Carlsen's king is right next to and his bishop is right in front of. Then this would create a challenge for Carlsen (black pieces). Carlsen can't attempt to capture Karjakin's bishop with his king because he would be check, since Karjakin's king is one square away from the dark square I suggested he move his bishop to.

  15. Carlsen never lost to karjakin
    Thank god in 2017 match

  16. I dont undeestand this match why karjakin can loses even though the initial steps are good then many make their own mistakes

  17. 6:55 Karjakin mistook maybe he should be play knight b 3

  18. У Карякина похоже это счастливая футболка

  19. i watching a chess blitz but I'm looking for a draw match it's make me interested.

  20. Ding liren , yu yangyi , wang hao in 1000 man mostly have 1 man full
    Of talented

  21. Magnus is just so much stronger, even after making a total bollocks of the opening

  22. was there a free Bishop for the N to take before the White played the Rook?

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