K. Zavivaeva (1689) vs WFM Fatality (1913). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Great to see Kristina in the Club. Terrific, sharp player.

  2. Does Fatality give chess lessons sometimes? I'd love to be a listener of her course, if she has some lessons on YouTube

  3. сдвоила ладьи, надо наступать, брать пешку, а не двигать туда-сюда ферзя 🥲

  4. So in a case like this, does the player who runs out of time automatically lose?

  5. The young girl with a rating of 1689, wow, were do they find these little wonders ??

  6. Fatality and Zavlvaeva in game running out for tme⏰both play well🙂🙂

  7. good positional play by Fatality. Zavivaeva is also a positional player but not as strong.

  8. good game girls and well done Fatality.

  9. Buen juego de Zavivaeva , Fatality con concentración al máximo, exelente partida.Felicitaciones.

  10. This is a great match up. Fatality (Elizaveta Petrova) at age ~17, is a wonderful player, sound and quick. She has a very sharp mind, and she is constantly adding to her chess knowledge. I truly enjoy watching her games.

    Kristina Zavivaeva, at age 11 (born the same year as Pinkamena, Kseniia Petrova) plays a sound game and plays confidently. I have great hopes of seeing her go far. At age 72, I truly enjoy watching the future rising so promisingly. Thank you CFN for providing such a wonderful look at what is to come, as these young players mature and grow in ability. I wish that I had such a wonderful place to play when I was young. I truly enjoy watching the talent on this channel!

    To both Fatality and to Miss Zavivaeva I wish a very successful and happy future!

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